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Japan Sumo Association to crack down on obesity 04/27/99

Goat triplets cloned to make spider silk. 04/28/99

A falcon that was suspected of spying for Pakistan was released after being imprisoned for six months in India. 04/28/99

I don't know if I want my toilet to weigh me. 04/28/99

Vote in the Modern Library's 100 Best Nonfiction reader's poll.

The Cheam Indian band is under investigation for removing virtually an entire island in the Fraser River near Agassiz. 04/29/99

In response to the big hoo-haw about Julia Roberts not shaving her pits, may I just say a big so what? It's not like she showed up with a moustache. Perhaps there wasn't enough breast implant news this week.... 04/30/99

An English cow dodged death in Devon, England, by charging slaughterhouse workers and fleeing across town. 04/30/99

New U.S. law requires Web sites to become 'handicapped accessible' 04/30/99

Following a ruling last week in the High Court, employees are now free to resign and reuse code in building software solutions for competitors 04/30/99

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