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This section is currently inactive. I have no plans to update it in the foreseeable future.

useful software

software for time management, project management, and research


[ see also think ]
flowchart of research strategy
library research guide

web research and evaluation resources

web search how-tos

[search engines and directories]
finding information on the internet
the google guide to searching
--google search help
how to choose a search engine or directory
introduction to search engines
about search tips and tricks
understanding and comparing web search tools
web searching tips

style guides

book of english usage [am heritage] [slithy popup!]
style faq [copyediting-l]
the king's english [fowler] [slithy popup!]
the elements of style [strunk] [slithy popup!]
wired style

online citation guides

citation styles
columbia university
karla tonella

writing essays

basic essay guide
five paragraph essay

writing guides

guide to college writing [washington college]
guide to writing research papers [capitol community college]
online writing assistant [paradigm]
writing guides and other stuff [virtual pamphlets]

urban legends

urban legend combat kit
urban legends reference pages

help me...

internet library of speeches
learning skills resources
how to read essays you must analyze
how to read university level materials
everything else: virtual pamphlet collection [u chicago]


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04 January 2005

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