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"Police in the UK are claiming a major victory in their fight against Internet pornography after a judge ruled that the content of American Websites can come under British jurisdiction." 07/01/99

I was so snowed. But this story is harder. Bless this poor boy's heart. 07/01/99

Seven Sentenced in Motorcycle Gang-Amish Drug Ring I just want to say that this custom news feature has me *down*. 07/01/99

Proctor & Gamble will end animal testing except on their new products. Why would they need to do animal testing on their old products? 07/01/99

Boo.com is an upcoming fashion site that hopes to set the standard for selling fashion on the web. 07/01/99

A lone druid named Crow has prevented the relocation of Seahenge...for now. 07/01/99

L'eau de la grandmère. 07/01/99

Lowfat milk straight from the cow. 07/01/99

Shipwreck News: A group of volunteer divers have discovered the wreckage of the Dutch ship Vrouw Maria, which sank in the Baltic Sea in 1771. 07/01/99

Rule 1: Hamlet is okay; Rule 2: Desert scenes are right out.... 07/02/99

It lifts, it separates, and thanks to this GPS locater, I'll never be lost again! (Thanks, Loren!) 07/02/99

A 3000 year old Mesopotamian lens may have been an ancient telescope. 07/02/99

89-year old Doris Haddock is walking across the United States to protest the fact that public office is up for the highest bid. 07/03/99

Frozen puppy insurance fraud. 07/03/99

Pine Ridge, South Dakota, one of the nations most impoverished areas, has been designated the first Indian reservation empowerment zone in an effort to improve economic conditions there. 07/03/99

Sea-slug pills 07/03/99

A new online art gallery hopes to transform the art-interested masses into art e-consumers. 07/03/99

Sucks to be Coca-cola. 07/03/99

Robert Rubin kidnapped by Japanese; Clinton finishes crossword puzzle. 07/04/99

Kuwait is deciding whether to grant full political rights to women 07/04/99

M&M creator Forrest Mars Sr, "an irascible candy maker with a fetish for privacy," died Thursday. 07/04/99

A Mexican girl who has been abused by her father since she was three years old has been denied US asylum. 07/05/99

Y2K News: Millionaire leaves his mansion for a double-wide trailer. 07/05/99

The Fifth of July really is the day it gets warm in Seattle. At least, I hope it finally has.... 07/06/99

The National Park Service is drafting a new soundscape preservation policy in an attempt to restore some quiet in parks. 07/06/99

There were two disturbing news items last week: the 70-year-old woman who had smothered eight of her babies and the man who killed his baby to get revenge on his wife. I haven't noticed any editorial hand-wringing about which part of popular culture influenced these people and pushed them over the edge, nor have I noticed any Constitution-infringing legislation being proposed by hysterical legislators in response to these stories.... 07/06/99

Japanese vending machines now offer beetles. 07/06/99

I was depressed to discover today that Red Light, one of the vintage stores in the U District, specializes in old tennis shoes; that is, older Nikes, Reeboks, and so forth. Apparently a ten-year-old pair of these originally overpriced shoes goes for really big bucks. I'm not sure what exactly this says about American consumer culture, but I know it's not good.... 07/06/99

Boo-hoo-hoo News: The Mariners are threatening to trade Griffey or Rodriguez if they can't have more taxpayer money. Okay, now I hate the Mariners. 07/06/99

Robert wrote me a note yesterday after showing his office mate my site: You are making a difference. And where you are, work productivity drops. Well! My work here is done. With just a small effort by each of us, Corporate America can be in Rebecca's Pocket.... 07/07/99

On NPR this morning they said that Ringo Starr turns 59 today. I'm not sure what to say about that.... 07/07/99

Mohammed the Nomad 07/08/99

The desertification of the Sahara (it wasn't our fault). 07/08/99

Feeling pressure from being targeted by the White House, House Impeachment prosecutors have formed a PAC and gone online. 07/08/99

The Invisible Web 07/08/99

Drinking black tea can reduce your risk of heart attack by 44%. Oh, goodie! My two lattes and continuous cups of tea put me in the 1000-1500mg range in Robot Wisdom's recent caffeine consumption poll. And I felt worried.... 07/10/99

Bed and Breakfast Directory 07/10/99

Milennium News: Jerusalem is bracing for an rise of the already common "Jerusalem Syndrome," wherein tourists suddenly believe themselves to be a Biblical personage. 07/10/99

"...two men say they're Jesus, one of them must be wrong...." Industrial Disease, Mark Knopfler 07/10/99

Why are Europeans up at arms over genetically modified food, while Americans don't even seem to notice? According to Mothers for Natural Law, a clearinghouse for GM food issues, 60 to 70 percent of foods on U.S. grocery store shelves contain genetically engineered substances. 07/11/99

Man knocks out shark. 07/11/99

Probably Good News: Amazon will now be distributing independent film. 07/11/99

The Canadian Supreme Court has ruled that a six-year-old boy cannot sue his mother for pre-natal negligence. 07/11/99

You mean I'm soaking in it? A new London beauty salon offers internet terminals at each chair. 07/11/99

The world's first four-way domino liver transplant. 07/11/99

The first Y2K casualty. 07/11/99

My flowers this week are making me very happy.... 07/12/99

Some men are having trouble accepting women as "real athletes". 07/12/99

Forty-six former "comfort women" are suing the Japanese government. 07/12/99

My mother is teaching herself Italian. The newspaper she bought to practice with has an article about a breast enlargement product containing "plant-derived estrogen" from corn, barley, and wheat. You take 15 capsules a day(!) The article warns that this is an unregulated product, and may have side effects. (I would think so.) It's called Natural Pushup. 07/12/99

Creating an offline market for online media. 07/12/99

Belgian Food News: Mattresses designed to cater to bovine comfort. (I'm so torn. I never knew that Belgium has such an abiding love for food until this whole food scare--and now that I know....) 07/12/99

Lastminute.com sounds like a great idea to me. I suppose that next, Amazon will be doing it.... 07/12/99

Modern Love News: Janeen Newham and David Willis, Britain's first legally wed transsexuals, were originally married 19 years ago, when they were John and Danielle. (Crazy kids!) 07/12/99

When a fertility clinic closes down, what do you do with all the frozen embryos? 07/13/99

Britain's first planting of GM trees was brutally attacked Sunday night. 07/12/99

The NAACP is filing a lawsuit against gun manufacturers and calling upon African-Americans to stop watching television shows that do not feature blacks in leading roles. 07/12/99

Sure enough, your TV is about to get whiter. 07/12/99

Naked Klingons. (Thanks, Loren!) 07/12/99

Someone dies of hunger somewhere in the world every 3.6 seconds. The Hunger Site makes it easy for you to help—simply click on the Donate Free Food button and a serving of rice, wheat, maize or another food staple will be donated on your behalf. The food is paid for by corporate sponsors, who get advertising on the site. (The Los Angeles Times) 07/14/99

Hunger Facts 07/14/99

In a move that may be prompted by their upcoming presidential election, Taiwan's President Hui has announced that from now on, Taiwan will treat contacts with China as "state-to-state" relations, effectively declaring Taiwan an independent nation. 07/14/99

A six-year-old boy slipped away from his daycare, hotwired a toy car, and drove it a mile on the highway. 07/14/99

Six senior Alyeska employees warn that a far worse ecological disaster than the Exxon Valdez catastrophe is imminent. 07/14/99

Test your bandwidth speed (Thanks, Jim!) 07/14/99

In an effort to appease European trade partners, the US may begin labelling GM food. 07/15/99

Scient has taken out a full page non-ad, in order to get you to look at their web ad. 07/15/99

A Ghanaian woman has been granted asylum in the US to protect her from female circumcision in her homeland. 07/15/99

Time to go for that graduate degree.... 07/15/99

The Vatican has forbidden a nun and priest from continuing their ministry to gays and lesbians, effectively ending the careers of two of the most prominent gay rights advocates within the Catholic Church. 07/15/99

The Scum of the Earth. Where'd I put those infected blankets? 07/16/99

Some returning ethnic Albanians are now targeting gypsies. What is it? Is the water spiked with PCP? 07/16/99

Barnes and Noble is fighting back with viral marketing. 07/16/99

Another reason to avoid street Viagra. 07/16/99

Expect sporadic updates for a bit: the week ahead is heavily booked. Eatonweb has a long list of weblogs to enjoy in the meantime (and of course, Eatonweb itself.) 07/17/99

Spaniards make a stand against racism. 07/17/99

Stupid juice tricks. 07/17/99

The Amish are conservative, traditional, and participants in the cutting edge of science. 07/17/99

In the new Millenium, Seattle will institute a strict no goose-poo policy. 07/17/99

I'd just like to mention that Jessamyn gives one hell of a good party. I was a bingo novice when I walked in, but no more.... 07/26/99

Human Maytag. I prefer the extra-capacity front-loader.... 07/26/99

The Cherokee Nation has a new chief. Either political idiocy extends across cultures, or the white man has succeeded in replacing substantive dialogue with his patented model of political distraction. 07/26/99

In Rio, running red lights can save lives.... 07/26/99

Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom has created a deja.com weblog forum where blogophiles can discuss to their heart's content. 07/27/99

Fetish...meet Vermin. (Thanks, Tony!) 07/27/99

One Russian ISP is taking a courageous stand against government privacy violations...at great cost. 07/28/99

Homo no mo. 07/28/99

Rep. Lamar Smith wants to require your driver's license to contain your Social Security Number and a digitized fingerprint, and...what else? Just don't get anything tatooed on your right hand or forehead and you should be okay.... 07/28/99

Indian red retires. 07/28/99

A New York judge has ruled that state residents who gamble over the internet are subject to state laws. 07/28/99

Smells like Facist Teen Control. 07/28/99

Censorship News: Go to Prairie Dog's filter to see the probability of your website being blocked by the Australian government:

The page http://www.rebeccablood.net will most likely be blocked by filters under the new Australian Government Internet Censorship Bill (BSA 1999) because it contains the following words: circumcision, fetish, free, homo, lesbians

Okay, okay, but free?????? (From YAWL) 07/29/99

Sperm Wars 07/30/99

Some tourists are going to Yemen in the hope that they will be kidnapped. 07/30/99

The FDA has approved a second emergency contraceptive. 07/30/99

IPO News: Martha goes public. 07/30/99

Web Archrivals combine forces to trump their nemesis: government intervention. 07/30/99

In response to recent criticism that the upcoming TV season will be the whitest one in years, NBC has recruited some ethnic actors. 07/30/99

A legally blind runner has won the woman's 1500 in the Pan America Games. 07/30/99

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