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Estimated emissions of carbon dioxide fell in 1998, (except for the US), the first indication that such a thing is possible in a growing economy. 08/01/99

An Arizona couple has adopted a family of 10 siblings. 08/01/99

Just off the southwest coast of England, an algae-bloom the size of Cornwall is visible from space. 08/01/99

iSkip. (Thanks, Jim!) 08/01/99

Cornwall braces for this month's solar eclipse. "LIZARD, England, July 31—The sun will turn black. The air will turn frigid. Owls and bats will swarm in the midday sky. It will all happen at 11 minutes past the 11th hour on the 11th day of August. And if you think that's a coincidence, you haven't been studying your necromancy tables." 08/02/99

Checkout.com will predict your impulse-buying habits by your click history and then offer you the goods. 08/02/99

Rebound! Sports Drink for Dogs. Woof! (Thanks, Mom!) 08/02/99

United Airlines will be offering the same benefits to gay employees' partners as they do married spouses. 08/03/99

The latest cure for depression: sleep deprivation. 08/03/99

New evidence that the Shroud of Turin may date from the time of Jesus of Nazareth. 08/03/99

Don't let your toddlers watch TV. 08/03/99

Math is hard, but apparently computers aren't. Get thee behind me, iMac! Silver, with purple and pink flowers! 08/04/99

Christ in the company of homosexuals. 08/04/99

The OED wants your help in cataloging the English language. (I'm sticking this in books.)08/04/99

A planned gay and lesbian bookclub will use the internet as a plain brown wrapper. 08/04/99

The Orphan Kitty Care FAQ is now linked under domestic. (Found on Indirection.) 08/04/99

Earth's next mass extinction is in progress. 08/05/99

Birthday News! Queen Mum is 99! (I guess Charles will pay that $6.5 million overdraft eventually....) 08/05/99

Jordan's King Abdullah II as Prince Hal. 08/05/99

Musing: If information appliances become as ubiquitous as the pundits say they will, information management is going to become paramount. When everything around you provides a stream of data, source-selection will be crucial; controlling when you receive data--or more to the point, when you do not--will become increasingly essential to function effectively. The first requires critical thinking; the second, self-discipline. 08/05/99

A British tribunal has struck a blow for working mothers...or set them back. 08/05/99

Microsoft is funding technology training for the Navajo nation. 08/05/99

A Seattle judge has halted nine federal timber sales in the Northwest, pleasing conservationists and further alienating loggers. 08/05/99

The National Congress of American Indians is at odds with Clinton's top Indian official, head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. 08/06/99

Bureau of Indian Affairs
National Congress of American Indians

Men Out of Control! And how. 08/06/99

Lego Jesus (via The Nubbin) 08/06/99

The New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that the Boy Scout's exclusion of gays is illegal. 08/06/99

The fate of pineapple lifesavers is in your hands. 08/06/99

Injustice News: The world's poor pay the most for water, much of which is unfit for human consumption. 08/09/99

Taxonomy News: Plants and Animals now comprise five kingdoms 08/09/99

iFilm offers film on the web. (linked on film) 08/09/99

The United States is still the world's biggest arms seller. 08/09/99

Bowie is just cool. 08/09/99

I have to say that Under Pressure by Bowie/Queen is still one of the songs that most closely reflects my world view.... 08/09/99

Geometry Formulas and Facts 08/09/99

Does a solar eclipse affect a Foucault Pendulum? Stay tuned.... 08/10/99

More Eclipse News:
the Middle East

Tanzanian witch hunts 08/10/99

Christian Coalition President Pat Robertson just keeps giving Christians a bad name. 08/10/99

Had it? You might apply for citizenship in Cyber Yugoslavia. 08/10/99

Killer Umbrella News 08/10/99

In the Netherlands, old books=old masters. Are the Dutch just the most eccentric art collecters in the world? 08/10/99

Australia may remove the Queen as head of state. 08/10/99

Watch the Eclipse 08/11/99

More Eclipse Resources 08/11/99

Mass Extinction News: Plants are on their way out, too. 08/11/99

Those crazy pizza chefs. 08/11/99

Ashes to ashes, dust to...say! 08/11/99

Apocalypse News:
War, Plague, Famine... 08/11/99

Good News: the Messiahcam. (found on YAWL) 08/11/99

Enemies of the Internet 08/11/99

I'll be out of town until Tuesday. eatonweb portal You know the drill.... 08/12/99

Veggie-evolution But I thought that whole, raw foods were supposed to be *better* for you! 08/12/99

Toddler issued platinum credit card. 08/12/99

North American pollution is slightly better. 08/12/99

The purity of women in the face of parking infractions. 08/12/99

The Zippo Museum. 08/12/99

The Hunger Site is making a difference. 08/18/99

FEMMX invests in companies that treat women fairly. 08/18/99

Greenpeace and Mothers & Others want to stop Nestle from using genetically modified foods in their US products. 08/18/99

Toxic shock for an environmental criminal. 08/18/99

The latest car of the future runs on hydrogen. 08/18/99

According to a 1997 Gallup poll, 44% of Americans believe in a literal Biblical creation story. Can this be right? 08/19/99

Tuberculosis infects one-third of the world's population. 08/19/99

ERA redux. And why not? Time for a good old-fashioned bra-burning! 08/19/99

Alternative Power News: Wind from Heaven 08/19/99

Advances in toilets 08/19/99

A code based on Einstein's theory of relativity...somehow. I don't understand this at all, but I still think it's extremely cool. Can anyone explain this to me? 08/19/99

Sensitive Neo Nazis 08/19/99

In honor of yesterday's beautiful hack, may I direct your attention to godhatesfigs.com. (Thanks, Lizard!) 08/20/99

Suffragette City Pt. I: Cynthia Trudell, the first female CEO of a US auto company, has some advice for you. 08/20/99

Suffragette City Pt. II: Or, there's this tack. There are simply some clubs I don't *want* the privilege of joining. 08/20/99

That tuna isn't, tuna isn't, tuna isn't dolphin safe! 08/20/99

Archeology News: An excavation next to London's Royal Opera House gives a concise view of an 9th century market. 08/20/99

The predominantly white Evangelical Lutheran Church has voted to support of the NAACP's boycott of South Carolina, which flies the "racist" Confederate flag over it's Capitol. 08/20/99

The US may have tested Agent Orange in densely populated areas of Panama in the 60s and 70s. 08/21/99

The British government has launched an investigation of soft drink prices in pubs. 08/21/99

Nubile women need not apply. 08/24/99

Soon, you can own your own rice rocket. 08/24/99

I don't own much of a lawn, but I totally want one of these. It comes in a solar version, too! 08/24/99

The Watershed Game. 08/24/99

Third world women's savings groups are creating hope and happiness. 08/25/99

Undie News: Science marches ahead to make your unmentionables cleaner and fresher. 08/25/99

Laundry News: The USDA says the old ways are still best. 08/25/99

The Daddy Track. Thanks, Loren! 08/25/99

STD News: Health officials in San Francisco have identified an internet chat room as ground zero for a recent outbreak of syphilis. Condoms, people! Condoms! 08/25/99

The Internet puts information into the hands of another irresponsible teenager. 08/25/99

Archaeology News: In Canada, a pre-European iceman cometh. Thanks, Loren! 08/25/99

Assisted living for the rich. 08/25/99

Scandinavian News: Norway won't extradite a suspected American drug smuggler due to inhumane American prison conditions; meanwhile, Finland will soon be able to forcibly sample your DNA. 08/25/99

Two brothers have been banned from competition for ten years after passing themselves off as one person in order to win the race. 08/26/99

Cognitive Dissonance News: Now that some of the world's finest art resides there, hosting the world chess championship in Las Vegas seemed like a good idea.... 08/26/99

Will the US finally get serious about wind power? 08/26/99

Raising money for some disasters is a snap; but without extensive media attention, others fail to raise a dime. 08/26/99

One way to help is to make a donation to the Red Cross. I became a fan of the Red Cross some years ago when a friend's apartment building burnt down, and the Red Cross gave her vouchers for food, clothes, and helped her find another apartment. They're doing good work around the world and down the street from you. 08/26/99

Icon Decimation News: Will it not stop? Campbell's is redesigning their soup label. It's just wrong. The time to stock up on the soup can of your youth is now. 08/26/99

Pleading for a privacy czar. 08/26/99

Scandinavian News: Helsinki may form a urination squad. I have a question: when did it become okay to use the word &pee& in the media? 08/26/99

Yesterday morning felt like fall. It was windy the night before, and in the morning I watched leaves blow into a doorway and puffy clouds move fast across the sky. I'm not ready for summer to end, but each change of seasons rejuvenates me, and I spent the day dreaming of cool, moist autumn days. 08/26/99

Woman Out of Control! I leave this evening for California, and from there to Burning Man. I'll begin updates again on September 13th. I encourage you to visit the many other fine weblogs listed on Eatonweb's weblog portal (and don't forget EatonWeb itself). Please remember to feed the world while I'm gone. See you when I get back. 08/27/99