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June 2008

» What's seasonal in your area? Browse the Epicurious Peak Season Map - select a month and click on your state. (via se)  [ 06.02.08 ]

» The Torah in haiku. (via br)  [ 06.03.08 ]

» Unbelievable photos of the devastation from the May, 2008 earthquake in Beichuan Qiang County, in Sichuan, China. (via s1a-tweet)  [ 06.05.08 ]

» I have sustained a minor injury that restricts my ability to type. If this weblog is slow or even silent over the next month or so, please don't worry. I'm away from the keyboard taking care of myself. Update: I'm going to have to avoid the computer completely for a while. See you in a month.  [ 06.07.08 ]

» Can anyone recommend a good basic book on economics? Something for an interested layman (me) that will clearly explain the basic concepts? Please email me.  [ 06.09.08 ]

» Too true - and important - not to post: When You Weren't Looking, They Were Working

Get it in your heads that if you throw away your moral duties to your parents, you are thieves. You were born on third base and your parents put you there, and you think you hit a triple. It's not true. It's time to give back.

Thanks Mom and Dad, and parents everywhere, for taking such good care of us.  [ 06.10.08 ]

» That's what I said (and said and said). (via waxy)  [ 06.13.08 ]



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