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“ Contradictions intrigue me. In thinking about the Web and technology, I tend to be a pragmatist, not a promoter. My interest is in the intersection between technology and human behavior: how people use technologies and how technologies influence what they do. I am fascinated with unintended consequences. ” — Rebecca Blood

Rebecca Blood is well known for her engaging style and thoughtful analysis — and for debunking of many of the blogosphere's most pervasive myths. A respected thought-leader on the Internet's impact on business, media and society, and author of the The Weblog Handbook, Rebecca surprises and challenges audiences with her revealing anecdotes, accessible explanations, and counter-intuitive insights. Read Rebecca's full bio.

Rebecca has spoken on 4 continents to groups ranging from journalists, digerati, the military, academics, and Fortune 250 executives. Inquiries may be sent to s p e a k i n g [at] rebeccablood [dot] net.


“ What a well-seasoned, clear, compelling speaker you are. Striking, in the calm, measured pace at which you make valuable points to your audience here, your presentation style (not to mention the thoughtful content) is a breath of fresh air at the end of two long days at the conference.. ” — Katherine James Schuitemaker, The Resonance Group

The Principles of Participation

Trying to understand—or even keep up with—every new social media platform is a full-time job. One most professionals don't have time to do. In this talk I introduce audiences to a basic framework that will enable them to intelligently evaluate any social media platform—today, or five years from now.

This is not a tactical talk. It's a simple, yet profound, framework designed to provide audiences with an understanding of the deeper behavioral patterns that underlie social media. Combined with a simple toolkit for thinking about the potential of any social media to further their business objectives, decision makers leave this talk prepared to evaluate social media today, social media yesterday—and social media that hasn't been invented yet.

“ Rebecca Blood's is a voice of reason rising from the rough-and-tumble world of blogging. ” — Christine Tatum, National Secretary of the Society of Professional Journalists and a business writer for The Denver Post


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selected appearances and keynote presentations

The Minnesuing Group, Minnesung Lodge, October 2013
Blog Forum Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland, October 2011
Joint Special Operations University, Hurlburt Field, Florida, July 2007
The Minnesuing Group, Minnesung Lodge, October 2006
Information Architecture Housewarming, Aalborg University, Denmark, June 2006
Reboot, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2006
8a Internet Global Conference, Barcelona, Spain, May 2006
New Communications Forum, Palo Alto, CA, February 2006
New York Public Library Leadership Forum, NYC, January 2006
IT-Universitetet, Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2005
Blog Business Summit, San Francisco, CA, August 2005
CRA Expert Access Panel, Philadelphia, PA, July 2005
PR Seminar, Naples, FL, June 2005
Society of Professional Journalists, Denver, CO, May 2005
Blogtalk Downunder, Sydney, Australia, May 2005
Media & Law Seminar, Kansas City, MO, April 2005
Design It! PreConference, Tokyo, Japan, March 2005
Planetwork, San Francisco, CA, May 2003
Blogtalk, Vienna, Austria, May 2003


The Screensavers, TechTV, June 2003

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