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» Is Alzheimer's disease diabetes of the brain? One scientist thinks so, but surprisingly, the way to protect yourself is not to cut back on sugar, but to avoid nitrates.

Years ago, a few scientists suggested that nitrosamines might cause diabetes. The concept was not pursued until now. We performed experiments in the laboratory and showed that very low, limited exposures to nitrosamines (the type found in food) cause Alzheimer's-type brain degeneration, dementia, diabetes, fatty liver disease and obesity. Adding high fat to the diet made the disease-causing effects of nitrosamines much worse.

(via @ebertchicago)  [ 05.02.11 ]

» Of course you know that sex makes you happier, but did you know it may also "relieve stress, improve sleep and burn calories...reduce pain, ease depression, strengthen blood vessels, boost the immune system and lower the risk of prostate and breast cancer"? Interestingly (or predictably) the more sex that men have, the longer they live; the more that women enjoy sex, the longer they live. Either way, it's time to get busy.  [ 05.03.11 ]

» Wow this is gorgeous. I especially love the interior view into the swimming pool. I suppose this - or a reasonable facsimile - will be how I'll know if I'm ever rich.  [ 05.13.11 ]

» Such a lovely story about an organ donor, his family, and the people whose lives they saved.  [ 05.16.11 ]

» Criminy. All Plastics Are Bad for Your Body, New Study Finds. At the very least, refuse to microwave your food in any plastic container, and when it comes time to restock your storage containers, invest in some nice, non-reactive, glass.  [ 05.17.11 ]



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