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September 2012

» Tifo! Who knew it had a name and such cultural reach?  [ 09.14.12 ]

» 75 years of "Hobbit" covers. The 1965 cover is the one I remember from my childhood.  [ 09.21.12 ]

» Now no one will ever come visit us.  [ 09.21.12 ]

» In case you haven't seen this everywhere else: 22 Things You're Doing Wrong. That fitted sheet thing is a vale of tears, especially with flannel sheets, but the origami bag-close is just awesome.  [ 09.24.12 ]

» Here's a terrific guide that reminds me of my own Eating Organic on a Food Stamp Budget project from 2007. It's called Good Food on a Tight Budget and it aims to give you the resources you need to eat healthily - and well - while keeping your food costs down. There are tools for meal planning, shopping guides, cost guides, recipes, and more.  [ 09.26.12 ]

» When I die, what will happen to Rebecca's Pocket? To my photos on Flickr? To my Facebook page? What will happen to yours? Experts recommend that you name a "digital executor" and that you make a list of all your digital assets, along with logins and passwords. They also recommend that you clearly state your wishes: should your Facebook page be shut down, or would you prefer that it be left as memorial for your friends and family?

To simplify matters, you might also consider using a password management system so that your digital executor need only type in your master password to access all your online accounts. Then they need only consult your long list in the instance that your computer goes down in flames with you.  [ 09.28.12 ]

» I remember, a few years ago when I was cleaning out the medicine cabinet, searching for a safe way to dispose of my expired drugs. The City of San Francisco website advised that they were working on a solution, and could everyone please just hang onto their drugs for a while longer. Sure! Glad to help!

No more. Tomorrow, Saturday September 29, is The 5th National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. Yes, it's that happy time of year when, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm, you can drop off your unwanted prescription drugs at designated collection sites, getting them out of your house and keeping them out of everyone's drinking water. Search for a nearby site, and finish up (or start) your Fall housecleaning with a bang.  [ 09.28.12 ]



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