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October 2012

» Another new report shows unsafe levels of toxic chemicals in many school supplies and outerwear. Avoid any product made with vinyl or PVC, especially for your children.

The report recommends that parents:

(via @KPbabydoctor)  [ 10.01.12 ]

» So, bad news on the rice - all types, brown, white, organic, conventional, crackers, etc.

The new findings from a Consumer Reports investigation show "significant" and "worrisome" amounts of inorganic arsenic in nearly every rice product tested.

We've been eating quite a bit less than we once did, but this is still terrible news. I agree with the call for the FDA to set limits on this.  [ 10.01.12 ]

» I could have written Speak, Recipe: Reading Cookbooks as Life Stories, so beautifully does it capture my attitude toward old cookbooks and the histories - both cultural and personal - they embody.

Food is such a revealing window into culture, history, commerce, and geography. Cookbooks freeze all of those facets in a specific place and time. Part proscriptive text, part aspirational literature, and sometimes part diary, for me cookbooks stand with film, television, advertising, and fashion as important, multi-layered, cultural documents.  [ 10.03.12 ]

» Halloween is coming. You wish you had a wonderful book for your children to celebrate the season. Now you do! The very talented Linda Stanek is making her latest e-book, The Jack O' Lantern Tree, available to everyone for free from October 4-8.

Please download it and read it to your kids (or your own inner child). It's available for download to Kindle or computer. If you're new to the Kindle universe, go here to learn how: Click "Free Reading Apps" in the menu bar if you have a Mac, iPad or Android.  [ 10.04.12 ]

» After declining for at least 40 years, injuries to children under age five rose 12% between 2007 and 2010. The possible cause? Mobile devices.

I'm sure it's true. I often see both parents and nannies lost in their smartphones while their very little children run, climb, and play at the park. What resonates most strongly with me is the section at the end of the article which paints an alarming picture of both the depth and length of distraction these devices provoke.  [ 10.05.12 ]

» The Awesome: Trick or Treat Cookies for Hallowe'en.  [ 10.19.12 ]

» Incredible images from the Atlantic of the landfall and aftermath of Sandy. The Red Cross could use your donation right now to help people affected by the storm rebuild their lives. Donate online or send $10 to the Disaster Relief fund by texting REDCROSS to 90999.  [ 10.30.12 ]



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