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Tim Nobel and Sue Webster's Incredible Shadow Art

» Incredible. I just will never be this clever. (via br(1) Comments  / [ 11/07/07 ]

Body Paintings of the Zodiac

» Possibly not safe for work, and completely worth seeing: Body paintings of the zodiac. Beautiful. (via br [ 09/10/07 ]

Plan 59 has a blog

» You might enjoy Pastelogram, a blog dedicated to the commercial art of mid-century America. It's the official organ of the awesome, the museum (and gift shop) of mid-century illustration. (via br [ 08/27/07 ]

John White, New World Painter

» The Guardian: American beauty. In the 1530s, British artist John White travelled to the New World, and was among the first to document what he saw there in drawings and paintings. His work is currently showing at the British Museum through June 17, and you can see some of his watercolors online at Virtual Jamestown.  [ 04/27/07 ]

The Rise of Graphic Novels

» The image-soaked future: Graphic novels are the new literary superheroes, but what’s their secret?

So, why is this rebirth of the serious graphic novel different? Because this new wave arrives when the ascendancy of the image — presciently described by George Steiner, in 1971, in his book In Bluebeard's Castle — has begun to dwarf the power of the word. [...] Thanks to computers, even when we are obliged to read words, we expect them to be arranged in helpful modules, with plenty of graphics. The computer normalises the graphic novel as a form. The graphical user interface may one day be seen as the most important invention of our time.

(via wl [ 03/06/07 ]

Awesome hand paintings - whodunnit?

» Who did this? Len Grossman wants to give (well deserved) credit where it is due. (via br(3) Comments  / [ 02/15/07 ]


» I belong to what I believe to be the most creative family in the world. The latest evidence is the photoset of my nieces and their baganimals [ 11/02/06 ]

Ray Patin Studio's 50's-60's commercial animation cels

» Dan Goodsell's fabulous collection of 50s and early 60s Commercial Animation Art from Ray Patin Studios. (1) Comments  / [ 10/02/06 ]

Artist Colony + Senior Apartment Complex

» The Burbank Senior Artists Colony is the country’s first apartment community for creative seniors with facilities that include a digital film editing laboratory, a theater, drama classes and studios that are available 24 hours a day. "You see them come in with dead eyes. Then, the life comes back." Gene Schklair, retired dental surgeon from Chicago, now a full-time sculptor. (1) Comments  / [ 09/20/06 ]

Banksey + Paris = BLO

» Remember Banksey? He has smuggled "500 doctored copies of Paris Hilton's debut album into music stores throughout the UK, where they have sold without the shops' knowledge". BLO [ 09/12/06 ]

R. Crumb on PKD

» In response to yesterday's link to the two upcoming films about Philip K. Dick, jjg points me to Robert Crumb's version of PKD's life [ 08/25/06 ]

What Sims teaches prepubescent girls

» What Sims teaches little girls: good hygiene, household economy, and subversion. (via rw(1) Comments  / [ 08/15/06 ]

Wim Delvoye and his meat parquet floor

» Wim Delvoye is a Belgian conceptual artist who has a strong food thread running through his work. He is famous for his tattooed pigs, and his Cloaca, machines that process food through a series of containers to extrude, um, digested food at the end. I am rather taken with his stained glass windows made of X-rays, and especially with his parquet floor made of cold cuts. (Hat-tip: B|K.)  [ 08/15/06 ]

The modern tintype photographer who lives off the grid

» Garret points to a great story about a tintype artist living off the grid in NY State. "You’d be surprised at how delicate some of these re-enactors are." John A. Coffer, tintype photographer, on the Civil War re-enactors who regularly drive gasoline powered vehicles to re-enactments, instead of travelling for days in a horse and buggy, as he did. (1) Comments  / [ 08/07/06 ]

How to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice

» How to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Jonah Lehrer suggests that two of the most famous child prodigies—Amadeus Mozart and Tiger Woods—are notable as much for their work ethic as for their innate talent. He references Ericsson's assertion that world-class performance requires 10,000 hours of practice. Now, most of these studies are focused on people who started their study at young ages and emerged as experts when they reached adulthood (or as accomplished practioners, which takes 7,500 hours of work). But, barring physical limits, why couldn't someone become an expert practitioner later in life? "Other golfers may outplay me from time to time, but they'll never outwork me." Tiger Woods.  [ 07/31/06 ]

Ericsson on Practice and Expert Performance

» K. Anders Ericsson: Expert Performance and Deliberate Practice.

When experts exhibit their superior performance in public their behavior looks so effortless and natural that we are tempted to attribute it to special talents. [...] The critical difference between expert musicians differing in the level of attained solo performance concerned the amounts of time they had spent in solitary practice during their music development, which totaled around 10,000 hours by age 20 for the best experts,  around 5,000 hours for the least accomplished expert musicians and only 2,000 hours for serious amateur pianists.

  [ 07/31/06 ]

Windshield dust art of Scott Wade

» Then there's the windshield dust art of Scott Wade. Mona Lisa and Van Gogh on one windshield? Awesome. (thanks, jjg!)  [ 07/28/06 ]

A Summer Reading List for Photographers

» American Photo editor-in-chief David Schonauer's summer reading list for photographers, including the best photography book ever written.  [ 06/28/06 ]

A Theatre Season reading list

» Washington University's Edison Theatre is doing something different this year: creating a suggested book list for their 2006-07 season.  [ 05/05/06 ]

The Imaginary City of Urville

» Urville is an imaginary city designed over the last 16 years by a 28-year-old autistic Frenchman who has detailed its history, geography, culture and economy, and created over 200 drawings of the city. A Guidebook to Urville is due to be released this year.

The Kirscher Society blog points to a video portrait of the artist. Sort of makes you wonder if Tolkien had a bit of Asperger's, doesn't it? (via cp(1) Comments  / [ 04/14/06 ]

Prehistoric cave paintings = Paleolithic tagging

» Were Paleolithic cave paintings created by prehistoric teenage boys? It's a surprisingly compelling case. "Today, boys draw the testosterone subjects of a hot automobile, fighter jet, Jedi armor, sports, direct missile hit, etc. — all of the things they associate with the Adrenalin of success." R. Dale Guthrie, author of The Nature of Paleolithic Art. (via dm)  (1) Comments  / [ 04/05/06 ]

Ideas for Paintings

» Ideas for Paintings for struggling artists. "The Expulsion of Adam and Eve: Biblical themes sell well. In this one, God hovers over Adam and Eve, kicking them out of the Garden of Eden. As they leave, in an aside to Eve, Adam imitates the expression on God's face." (via rw [ 03/14/06 ]

Retrieving lost masters

» In the last 15 years, the Art Loss Register has reunited $100 million worth of stolen art with rightful owners by employing a deadly combination: a database and finely-tuned negotiation skills. "The first thing to do is to convince them that they can't sell the stuff for any decent money because of the database. So then they've got to surrender. So then you say 'We'll pay your legal fees.' And so it goes." Julian Radcliffe, director of the Art Loss Register.  [ 03/01/06 ]


» Buff. Re-Buff. (via c'ist [ 03/01/06 ]

Free graphic art

» The Frankie Files is a blog of Expired Patent Design Drawings. Check out these Monograms for hand embroidery; Grandmas's Graphics is a collection of vintage graphics and clipart.  [ 02/07/06 ]



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