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» Oh my heavens, it's the KnitWiki(1) Comments  / [ 09/27/07 ]

Knitted Swiffer Cover pattern

» Knit your own Swiffer covers. (via ym [ 09/26/06 ]

Boycott Sew Fast/Sew Easy

» Boycott Sew Fast/Sew Easy claims that the Sew Fast/Sew Easy, Inc is attempting to shut down local Stitch and Bitch groups (which they apparently see as rivals) by asserting that they were the first to coin the term "Stitch and Bitch" in 1997, and thus own the term. However, in her social history of knitting, No Idle Hands, Anne Macdonald writes of World War II knitters, "In Akron Ohio, twelve young women, who moved in with their parents or in-laws when their husbands went overseas, gave their elders a free night once a week to attend 'Stitch and Bitch Club' meetings." That dates the term back to at least the 1940s. Boycott Sew Fast/Sew Easy has a good timeline detailing numerous prior uses of the term. Knitting lawyers: who wants to step up the plate on this one?  [ 04/10/06 ]

Knitted White Stripes Dolls

» Knitted White Stripes Dolls. Of course, anytime anyone says "White Stripes" to me, I think they're referring to "Whitesnake" until I see a picture. (thanks, jay! [ 02/16/06 ]

Creating a Stitch Dictionary

» Building a Stitch Dictionary. It's aimed at crocheters, but knitters, tatters, quilters, and other crafters could easily apply the same principle to their work. (via iama [ 02/08/06 ]

Lego Knitting Machine

» The Lego Knitting Machine. (Quicktime movie. [sound] ) (via rw [ 01/16/06 ]



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