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the two towers jrr tolkein
as soon as I finished the fellowship of the ring, I jumped straight into this one, so good was the first. unfortunately, volume 2 is more in keeping with my memories of the LOTR: a little dry and even ponderous in parts. gandalf, for one, has all the personality pulled out of him with his transformation. not a page turner like volume 1.
introducing feminism } susan alice watkins, marisa rueda
easy-to-read, comprehensive overview of feminism. highly recommended.


if you want to write brenda ueland
writing down the bones natalie goldberg
data smog } david shenk
essential reading. short on answers, but in general a smart exploration of the effects of living in a media-saturated environment. a little dated: he suggests that you unsubscribe from spam mailing lists, which will only confirm for them that yours is a working email address. easily read in a weekend.
always we begin again: the benedictine way of living john mcquiston ii
a nice little introduction to a modern version of the benedictine way; more than anything else, this book made me want a book to tell me what the actual benedictine rule says.
full review


{ the art spirit } robert henri
this book will make you want to paint. henri's two most important pieces of advice are these: "art, when really understood, is the province of every human being" and "an art student must be a master from the beginning; that is, he must be master of such as he has. By being now a master of such as he has there is promise that he will be master in the future." highly recommended for anyone who makes art of any kind.


the consumer's guide to effective environmental choices } union of concerned scientists
highly recommended for anyone who wants to be a conscientious consumer. this book lays out clear, concrete guidelines for making responsible choices, based on scientific evidence and evaluation.
   you don't have to give up your comfortable lifestyle in order to make a significant difference. stop worrying about paper or plastic: this book will explain why that doesn't matter, and tell you which choices do.

the rule of st benedict } benedict
an eminently practical guide to living a balanced, happy life, for one person, or a houseful.
living with contradiction: an introduction to benedictine spirituality esther de waal
originally a series of talks. some insights into benedictine spirituality, but not particularly deep.
full review


wisdom distilled from the daily: living the rule of st. benedict today joan chittister
a benedictine nun on the rule she has lived for 20 years. some insights, but it tries too hard to be inspiring.
full review

little house in the big woods } laura ingalls wilder
even better than I remember it. this is a charming account of life in the 1870's wisconsin 'big woods' as told through the eyes of a child. highly recommended.
next: the road to the good society } amitai etzioni
thought-provoking, concrete, and surprisingly progressive, but ultimately flawed. recommended. full review
benedict's way: an ancient monk's insights for a balanced life lonni collins pratt, father daniel homan
arranged by key concepts, designed for a retreat or study group. pleasant, good as far as it goes, but not particularly deep.
full review


master and commander patrick o'brian
like hard science fiction for nautical buffs. at first I was bored, so detailed were the descriptions of sails, masts, and lanyards. by the end of the book I wasn't as expert on the technicalities as o'brian would like me to be, but I understood enough to get the gist of the action. pay attention to the technical explanations at the beginning: a basic understanding of the technology is essential for understanding any maneuver, and much of the excitement is generated by pushing the sophie to the extent of her capabilities--especially when she is pitted against a larger or faster ship.
   each character is a real mix of qualities. it's hard not to like and dislike most of them. the first in a long series of books, master and commander ends abruptly--as if the author was just stopping because it was time to. in all, less involving than I thought it would be based on what I had heard, but more enjoyable than the first few chapters led me to believe it would be. nice bedtime reading. I will read another one.


the victorian internet tom standage
sister wendy's story of painting sr wendy beckett
lovely, a nice overview of the history of painting


small pieces loosely joined david weinberger
if you can get hold of it, read the victorian internet first to provide some context.
the new strategy of style weathers and winchester
{ the elements of reasoning } edward p. j. corbett, rosa a. eberly

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