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shaker your plate: of shaker cooks and cooking, sister frances a. carr
a collection of simple american food, charmingly presented.
the self-sufficient life and how to live it: the complete back-to-basics guide, john seymour
this is a wonderful overview of the self-supporting life. though it contains numerous recipes and lots of specific information gleaned from seymour's lifelong experience, this isn't a complete guide. it is useful enough that I recommend it for anyone who is seriously interested in being a self-supporter, but you will need other books for the complete specifics. highly recommended for anyone who likes to dream of the self-supporting life, or who would like to begin to reimagine their present life.
back to basics: how to learn and enjoy traditional american skills, readers digest
this really is a how-to book with step-by-step directions starting with choosing a piece of land, building your own house, heating it, and growing and making the things you will need to live there. highly recommended.


{ beyond fear: thinking sensibly about security in an uncertain world } bruce schneier (review copy)
recommended without reservation. It's clear, rational, and very readable. Schneier is smart, level-headed, and has a deep understanding of security.


{ the complete tightwad gazette } amy dacyczyn


no idle hands : the social history of american knitting, anne macdonald
I really enjoyed it, but that was for the subject matter more than the work. a bit of a disappointment: like many social histories, this one felt padded. it would have benefited from a stronger focus on its subject, photos to match each reference to a photo, and some actual knitting patterns from each of the era it highlights.
the years of rice and salt, kim stanley robinson
ambitious and uneven. I enjoyed it.
many waters, madeleine l'engle
disappointing. maybe if I were 14 I would like it better.


the seat of the soul, gary zukav pretty standard new age stuff.
mrs pollifax, innocent tourist, dorothy gilman typical later mrs pollifax. underwhelming.


{ the passionate vegetarian } crescent dragonwagon
just fantastic. this is a wide-ranging, enthusiastic introduction to vegetarian cooking by a woman who is not afraid to use newfangled labor-saving devices like cooking spray, prepared soyfoods, or dehydrated beans to gain time, flavor, or to save a few calories. tons of information, frequent variations (including lots of vegan variations) and ideas for reusing leftovers for another meal. try the vegetarian cassoulet on page 612, an instant tradition on our house. bonus: it's also just fun to read. highly recommended.

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