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{ local flavors: cooking and eating from america's farmers' markets } deborah madison
I loved this book. madison succeeds in inducing a sort of madness for farmer's markets. between the recipes, which span the seasons and look absolutely luscious, and the loving descriptions of regional farmer's markets, you will want to find one in your own city and spend every weekend there. if you value sustainability, if you want to cook seasonally, or if you just want to eat good food, I recommend this book.


{ the power of many } christian crumlish
this isn't a book about how technology works: it's a book about how the Internet is changing how we do the things we do. accessible, non-hyped, well-written. highly recommended, especially for "non-technical" people who are interested in the Web.
the american frugal housewife, lydia maria child
a wonderful historical document. the principles are sound, but most of the specific advice is long past its shelf date. recommended for those with a fascination for the domestic arts.


a summons to memphis, peter taylor
this book just left me cold. perhaps I didn't read carefully enough, but I kept on waiting for information that just didn't come. I don't mind the unreliable narrators - that's half the fun of this kind of book. I just never felt I got the clues I needed to draw my own conclusions about the characters.
how to speak, how to listen, mortimer j. adler


empire falls, richard russo
I enjoyed this book all the way to the end, which seemed tacked on to me. the epilogue trys to explain some of the characters by telling us about them. I wanted the author to show me those things in the course of the story.


a quaker woman's cookbook, william woys
this was a bit of a disappointment. fine as a historical cookbook. I was hoping for a little more scholarship on the foodways of this time and place.


rich dad, poor dad, robert t. kiyosaki
as noted here, quite general in its advice, though I believe the key ideas (understand the difference between an asset and a liability; create capital to maximize your earnings; incorporate to minimize your tax liability) are sound. read john t. reed's critique before you follow any of this advice. reed is on a mission, but he's been in the business for a long time, and obviously knows more about real estate investments than I do.
richest man in babylon, george s. clason
a classic. simple advice: pay yoruself 10% first, and invest it safely. also, have life insurance. interesting mainly for the difference in attitudes banks once held regarding investment and spending. but I guess in the 20's, your savings was their profit center.
the wealthy barber, david chilton
the most annoyingly written book on finance ever produced. good clear advice, though. a sound program. just ignore the "banter".
{ the bean trees } barbara kingsolver
terrific. highly recommended.
smart couples finish rich, david bach
9 steps to financial freedom, suze orman
I didn't expect to like this book, but I really, really did. I especially like her initial chapters dealing with the emotional aspects of money--her examples are apt and very respectful. I learned some things about myself here. the last three chapters on the spiritual aspects of money are much less successful, in my opinion. in spite of her approach, the middle section of this book contains more hard numbers and detailed explanations than any of the others I've read so far. if you dont like the touchy-feely approach, ignore that stuff: this book will teach you how to think about money.
a good year, peter mayle
I wanted something light; this is it. if you adore the thought of living in france and eating french food, you might enjoy this book, but it's not particularly good in that respect, either.


harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, jk rowling
I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, although I think the film ending is a bit cleaner.

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