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you did what you could

for a school project, my niece was directed to make a card for rescue workers or those who lost loved ones in the WTC attacks. my sister writes:

outside of card

I watched as she drew it. First to go up were the buildings, then the airplane, then the two people jumping, holding hands. It is an overwhelming image, so I am not surprised that it is a fundamental part of all of this for her, but it is disturbing to see it reflected in an 8-year old's art.

Then came the smoke and the words across the top: "Thank you firemen and women..."

inside of card

Then she opened the card, and wrote the following:

"for saving tons of people for there (sic) loved ones. You did what you could."

And then she went back to the front to draw in the frightened people on the ground, and then the fire fighters in their red suits.

- - - - and then it clicked. The people falling. Not one but two, holding hands. We spent a lot of time talking about that, why they jumped, why they held hands, and we finally decided that they both must have been very scared, and that they must have held hands to try to ease each others' fear.

"You did what you could."

I think the whole card is about the helpers - the ones inside and the ones outside of the buildings - and I am oh so proud of her for her gentle words of reassurance.

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