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For anyone new to the area of blogs or even contemplating starting one, this book is a must read. - Gavin Baxter, MPhil/PhD Research Student, University of West Scotland, [ 04.17.09 ]

It was published back in 2002, and is still as relevant today as it was when it was published. It is a total breath of fresh air. - Tom Morris [ 06.10.06 ]

Your book is not what I expected, but exactly what I needed. - Without Wax [ 12.29.05 ], crisp, humble, efficient. Get it. - CCUCEO [ 06.09.04 ]

“ Sharp, crisp, humble, efficient. Get it. ”

Since I've had a dozen years or more of formal training in how to be a writer, I put this book down thinking "I've read this one before." Months later, after I'd had some blogging experience under my belt, I picked it up again and found that Rebecca Blood is actually right about everything. - ow my blog [ 04.22.04 ]

I can probably count on one hand the number of ‘big thoughts’ about weblogs that have been uttered by ‘deep thinkers’ since then that weren't touched on in this concise and elegant book. - medley [ 03.24.04 ]

'I don't know how I've blogged for three years without it!' - farkleberries USA [ 3.08.04 ]

I checked out five books on blogging to read over Christmas Break, and the best one is The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog by Rebecca Blood. It's the most useful because it focuses on advice that applies to all blogs, regardless of which weblog tool you're using to publish... - jacqueline mackie paisley passey [ 12.26.03 ]

Rebecca Blood's The Weblog Handbook is to blogging as Natalie Goldberg's Writing Down The Bones is to writing. - coolmel [ 11.01.03 ]

...a must-read for anyone in the weblog community. - chadness [ 07.29.03 ]

Not so much a 'how to' book as it is a 'how to do it well' book, the weblog handbook is a style guide for the web. If you have a business web site, a blog may be a way of reaching out to your target audience and starting to communicate with them. We are considering that approach here, and this book is one reason why. - Small Business Reading Room

If this subject is new to you, and if you want to find out more, let me recommend the new book that I picked up this week, Rebecca Blood's "The Weblog Handbook." It's about what a weblog is, basic courtesy and etiquette. It's also short, delightful, and should get just about everyone interested in starting a good weblog.' [ 02.13.03 ]

For realism and subtlety, try Rebecca Blood, whose book The Weblog Handbook, despite its nuts-and-bolts title, gives the best account of the culture. - Australian IT [ 02.13.03 ]

This is an extremely well-written, informative, fun, and important book. - Metapsychology [ 02.13.03 ]

I felt like hammering out my own Weblog after completing the book! ... solid, practical information for those new to Weblogs and the Web itself. - student affairs on-line [ 11.11.02 ]

“ I can probably count on one hand the number of ‘big thoughts’ about weblogs that have been uttered by ‘deep thinkers’ since then that weren't touched on in this concise and elegant book. ”

Now, I rarely (if ever) recommend books or anything for that matter, but I'm going to walk out on this limb just once to say anyone interested in creating a weblog should at least consider reading this book. - dailee [ 10.24.02 ]

So far...the one I've enjoyed most has been Rebecca Blood's Weblog Handbook, which actually managed to remind me what it was that drew me to weblogs in the first place. Personal and engaging with a clear and almost kindly voice... Much recommended for beginners, and worth reading for those of us who've been around the block a few times... - [ 09.18.02 ]

Rebecca Blood has taken her years of experience gained maintaining her own weblog, boiled it down into concise nuggets of information and advice, and then presented it with a vigor and enthusiasm which clearly reflects her love for the weblog form. Recommended for novice and old-school webloggers alike. - genehack [ 09.18.02 ]

...a deeply thoughtful, careful, measured look at a fascinating phenomenon from the perspective of someone who wishes to encourage those of us who write on the Web to be better at and to think harder about the substance of what we do. - medley [ 09.06.02 ]

...if you're just wondering what all the fuss is about, Rebecca can explain it to you. If you've been around the block once or twice, you'll probably still find something in this slim book that is new to you, and you'll certainly never be bored. - jessamyn [ 09.01.02 ]

...the book earns a well-deserved spot for anyone seeking to stake out a meaningful place on the web. - startup garden [ 08.25.02 ]

Rebecca Blood offers classic and clear insights into the writing process and tailors them to apply to weblogs. - chicklit [ 08.15.02 ]

I wholeheartedly recommend the book to anyone that finds weblogging interesting. - cruftbox [ 08.13.02 ]

If you're a blogger, I would highly recommend this book. - mightier than the sword [ 07.25.02 ]

No one else delves as deeply into the meatier aspects than Blood. - digital web [ 07.23.02 ]

The present world of weblogs may be personal and romantic, but Blood looks ahead to a better, brighter weblog future. - mark bernstein [ 07.18.02 ]

I will be developing a rhetoric class...using 'The Weblog Handbook' as the primary text. Blood has more to teach us than simply the basics of starting and running a weblog. - [ 07.12.02 ]

The most cogent and important thoughts in The Weblog Handbook... have to do with understanding the social context and media implications of weblogs.... There's a great deal of insight, ideas that I know I didn't stumble across until I'd been doing this for a year or two. - anil dash [ 07.10.02 ]

“ Rebecca Blood is actually right about everything ”

I started reading last night, and now Chapter 1's poor pages are all folded down and marked up so I can come back to the many pearls. - bag and baggage [ 07.09.02 ]

...I liked it very much, and recommend it to anyone interested in the subject: bloggers, blog-readers, and journalists writing about weblogs.... So go buy it! - glenn reynolds, instapundit [ 07.09.02 ]

...Pick up a copy of Rebecca's The Weblog Handbook. It is more than worth the $14.00.... She knows what she's talking about. [ 07.10.02 ]
...It's great. [ 07.09.02 ] - steve pilgrim

...If you've spent any time reading Rebecca's site, or her deservedly famous essay, or just her comments at Metafilter, you know what you're in for here: informed thoughtfulness, wit, and care. - [ 07.09.02 ]

...a highly recommended book if you have your own Blog or are just curious about what all your friends are talking about. Yes, I enjoyed it enough to buy a copy when I already have an advance copy. - cc-chapman [ 06.03.02 ]

Oh, I liked this book.... - bitter-girl [ 05.29.02 ]


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The Weblog Handbook: Practical Advice on Creating and Maintaining Your Blog
Perseus Publishing
ISBN: 073820756X
Available from


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» निरंतर ~ विश्व की पहली हिन्दी ब्लॉगज़ीन - वेबलॉग नीतिशास्त्र
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» O Livro de Bolso do Weblogue
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