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Tonight two angels appeared at my door. A little middle-aged Mexican woman with very bad English and a tiny old Mexican woman who said nothing at all. The younger woman explained to me as well as she could that she was there to tell me that God loved me. That He could make my life better if I would only let Him. That I could bring my problems to God and he would help me; that they had problems, like everybody, but that they took them to God and then they were not alone. That problems would press onto my head (indicating her shoulders) but that God would lift them off.

As she spoke to me, my angel beamed. Unlike so many proselytizers, this woman did not care to tell me about the consequences of my evil behavior: she was there to share with me God's love. As she talked, her face bespoke the joy with which her life is filled. After every sentence, the little old lady behind her nodded.

It took two seconds for them to break me down. Moments after her pitch began, I began thinking about the little bit of money I had in my pocket, and I decided to give them a few dollars when the time came.

And so she finished by telling me that because I had received them and listened to her message, God would bless me and bring His peace to me. She checked to make sure she knew which apartment I had come from and thanked me.

I thanked her. And that was it.

She asked for nothing. They were there only to spread their message of joy. I have never been so charmingly witnessed to in my life. And I didn't thank her enough. Because now every time I think of them, I feel blessed. And I can't stop smiling.

rebecca blood
march 2001


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