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I maintain my blog and current archives using Pair's installation of Movable Type. The rest of the site is maintained by hand using Notetab Pro; image editing is done using Adobe Photoshop 5.0; and I use WS_FTP to upload updates to a Basic Account at Pair. From April 1999 to December 2005 I hand-coded my weblog. My archives have not been moved to the new system or updated to reflect subsequent design changes. Travelling through them is like going back in time.

Rebecca's Pocket is set to be viewed at 'smaller' in Verdana, Arial, Sans-serif.

Rebecca's Pocket consists of a weblog, a few essays, and pages and pages of links. Linkrot is rampant! Articles from news organizations have a varying shelf life: some last forever, some become subscriber-only after a few weeks, and others disappear entirely. I try to validate the links on non-weblog pages twice a year for currency; if I have done so this year, you will find a 'last updated' tag in the right-hand sidebar. I apologize if an outdated, interesting-looking link languishes on a page in between spring and fall housecleaning. Please note that I make no attempt to remove outdated links from the weblog archive.

Depending on the page, this site is coded to XHTML 1.0 Transitional or HTML 4.01 Transitional and uses CSS for positioning and formatting. I have also tried to make this site accessible; please let me know if you run into specific accessibility problems while here.

This site wants to validate. However, the gibberish inserted into many links combined with all-too-frequent human error usually makes that impossible.

The current design was created and is maintained with a Vaio R505 notebook running Windows XP Pro. The site was originally created on a Dell Dimension running Windows 98.

This site was designed and is maintained by Rebecca Blood. Having said that....

Thanks to the amazing Eric Costello for his CSS layout templates. I created this design by hacking, modifying, and otherwise goofing around with his templates. Ben Henick has spent more time than I deserve helping me modify those templates so that they work for everyone. Thanks to Doug Bowman for just flat-out fixing a bug that was beyond my capabilities to even understand. Anil Dash and Jay Allen explained how to do some things in Movable Type I just couldn't figure out on my own. Browser-sniffing is done with Apache SSI; thanks to Ken for designing the logic. Additionally, thanks to everyone at the Web Standards Project for their evangelism and educational resources.

rebecca blood
17 january 2006


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12 February 2006