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Doctors develop a bionic eyelid 05/01/99

FDA Approves Medicinal Margarine ewwww.... pass the butter, please 05/01/99

Influencing Opinion interesting! 05/01/99

One of my favorite websites (Thanks, Lizard!) 05/02/99

Surreal Seattle: My friend Alex went with his roomate-to-be to move his stuff, including three 50-gallon fish tanks, to the new place. When they got there, the fish, fish tanks and equipment, two six-packs of coke, and a gargoyle hand-puppet had been stolen; everything else, including his computer equipment, was untouched. Upon arrival police remarked, "Well, these weren't professional burglars." 05/02/99

A British study finds that women choose melons in grocery stores based on their own breast size 05/03/99

Australian Church Plans Heroin Injecting Room 05/03/99

This is a desk reference??? I want the pocket guide. 05/04/99

Manmade marshes to treat wastewater 05/05/99

Sordid Seattle 05/05/99

DEA's New Drug Museum is a Monument to Self Destruction 05/06/99

Giants in the Earth "The ancient redwood tree was as big around as a water tower and at least 362 feet tall. It had sprouted in a flood plain along the Eel River, sometime around the 4th century A.D... One night, just a few years ago, the great tree fell. No one was in the forest. Yes, it made a sound. Confirmation came from someone in a house a mile away, who likened the collision of tree and earth to a locomotive disaster..."
Doggone it! The link seems broken now. Go to the Washington Post and search for "Giants in the Earth". The article is well written, and worth reading. 05/06/99

British Airways has decided to take no action against a flight attendant who stripped to her underwear and ran around the outside of a plane at Italy's Genoa airport after losing a bet with the captain. How come *I* never get the fun flight attendants? 05/06/99

Scientists have shown that writing a word on a single atom is possible 05/06/99

In India, pedicures are a part of population control. With a population fast approaching 1 billion, it takes 2 million Indians just to count the rest.... 05/06/99

FCC sends dirty joke to email list 05/07/99

PBS Great Expectations, Sunday and Monday nights I can't wait! 05/07/99

Liam! Nooooooo! 05/07/99

Free to be me 05/07/99

Scientists report that they have identified a "master switch" required for bacterial infection. When they knock out the switch, the bacteria are completely disabled in their ability to cause disease. I've long said that if antibiotics stop working, people will look at the last 50 years as a golden age in which infections were cured with a pill. 05/07/99

The deep ocean could absorb the amount of carbon dioxide that would cause a doubling in atmospheric concentrations and change its concentration by only two percent. But is it safe for the fish? 05/07/99

School children will help drive the next Mars Rover 05/07/99

Today your email, Web browsing, online chat, telex, phone calls, cell calls, and faxes are almost certainly being swept up in one or more national or international interception dragnets. Is this true? (from Tasty Bits from the Technology Front) 05/08/99

Why Finding Things Out is so Hard (via Robot Wisdom) 05/08/99

I have a question: who decided to make Pepto Bismol that *pink*? I mean, when you have an upset stomach, anyway.... 05/08/99

Cross-dressing boys could become better readers says the Centre for Language in Primary Education. There, it's official. Now, may I borrow your lipstick? 05/08/99

Microsoft head Bill Gates, already considered by many to be among the most powerful men in the world, further increased his powers Monday, augmenting several of his key statistics to near-immortal levels. (Thanks, Tony!) 05/08/99

Scientists Debate: Astrology-- Point/Counterpoint

Teeth can show which soldiers should be leaders, a study of Finnish conscripts suggests grrrrr! 05/09/99

Why British women seem to be going pear-shaped 05/09/99

Three of my favorite weblogs made the Tasty Bits short list this week: jjg.net, Hack the Planet, and Tomalak's Realm. Well done! I've been a bit puzzled about the lack of media attention surrounding this.... 05/10/99

It really bugs me when anyone follows up a request with a sing-song "please and thankyou". I don't feel like they mean either one....05/10/99

Whale Hunt Begins 05/11/99

The "Born To be Wild" advertising campaign for U.S. car manufacturer Fords Cougar model is irresponsible because it encourages middle-aged people to drive too fast, a Danish environmental lobby said Monday. 05/11/99

Suddenly Seattle (Lizard is bitter) 05/11/99

UK penshioner's home swallowed by the earth 05/11/99

Bad Airline Food The best...airline food is...available (from) Midwest Express. Wine is complimentary. Each meal closes with flight attendants distributing chocolate chip cookies, baked in flight. I bet they have fun stewardesses, too. 05/11/99

Kosovo emergency bill contains much pork This *really* ticks me off 05/12/99

Oh, where will it end? Beverly Hills residents are voting today on whether to put a notice on fur garments advising that animals used may have been subject to "electrocution, gassing, neck breaking, poisoning, clubbing, stomping or drowning and may have been trapped in steel jaw traps." 05/12/99

A judge refused to jail a 91-year-old man who shot his 85-year-old neighbor because he thought the man was annoying. 05/12/99

US Military develops non-lethal weapons Finally! My tax dollars go to a good use 05/12/99

Oil merger alarms Alaskans 05/12/99

Hotel chains collect data on their guests’ every preference [and] use the information across the chain
I guess the Motel 6 isn't doing this yet.... 05/12/99

The London Evening Standard said the British government obtained a court injunction last week to shut down a Web site set up by a MI6 renegade in which he threatened to out British agents and reveal the location of MI6 offices around the world. 05/13/99

Age-defying! Age-defying! Age-defying! 05/13/99

Scientists have invented a bandage loaded with dried, highly concentrated blood-clotting proteins that can halt even severe arterial bleeding within two minutes 05/13/99

You must visit Grafica. Don't miss David Huffman's Geometric Paper Folding and Japanese English Advertising Slogans (From Steve Champeon via the excellent webdesign-l mailing list.) 05/14/99

Immaculate conception at the Los Angeles Zoo. "Chimpanzees of all ages have sex pretty much all the time. First, zookeepers distributed birth control pills. But the females passed them around..." 05/14/99

Lord save us from singing hamsters. (Thanks, Lizard!) 05/14/99

Feminine Protection (Lizard again) 05/15/99

Love Jet (Everyone take note: *this* is my idea of an eccentric. Be sure to read to the last paragraph) 05/15/99

Will someone please explain to me what it is about teenage boys that makes them yell everything? ("Hormones" is not an acceptable answer.) 05/15/99

Do you know about ambigrams? Click here. And here. And here. This is Ken's. (Thanks, Ken) 05/15/99

Spike Lee has done a series of ads for the US Navy. 05/16/99

Women's brains contain more gray matter than men's (Note to men: my brain has *gray* matter, so telling me to "drive north for two miles, then go east" will not result in me arriving at your apartment any time soon.) 05/16/99

Happy Birthday to the devious and, yes, chilling Dr J. (No word on when he spawned his evil twin....) 05/17/99

Kuwaiti women granted the right to vote. 05/17/99

Two years ago, Leo Bottstein wrote a book advocating the abolition of the American high school, calling it an obsolete institution and one that at best wastes the time of America's adolescents, and at worst actually harms them. 05/18/99

The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether states can sell personal information from driver's license records such as people's addresses and Social Security numbers. 05/18/99

I have a new question: Why is it less acceptable to the Royal family for Charles to marry an unsuitable woman than for her to openly be his mistress? 05/18/99

"20/20 is preparing a report on hair-removal methods and we need your help" 05/18/99

Bob Dole may support a non-Dole for President. 05/18/99

Baroque Biotechnology dispute 05/18/99

Return of the MIT Hackers. 05/19/99

You know about the great hacking tradition at MIT, right? This is the thing that makes me wish I'd gone there.... 05/19/99

Study links Fiji teen girls' bulimia to arrival of television. 05/19/99

Construct your Jedi name:
1-the first three letters of your first name
2-the name of the car you drive
3-the last medication you took

I guess that makes me Reb-Honda of Caffeine, because Reb-Rover of Pepto Bismol would expose me to too much teasing on the playground.... (From Eli-Miata of Axid) 05/19/99

A new spam scam. 05/19/99

Got Milk? (From Lor-Mystique of Immatrix) 05/19/99

Oh, goodie. We're the first stop. 05/19/99

Ken muses on Makah Whaling. 05/20/99

In a landmark gay rights ruling that could have ramifications across Canada, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Ontario's legal definition of a spouse as someone of the opposite sex is unconstitutional. 05/21/99

Blackfeet create new species conservation model. 05/21/99

Scientists have created green-glowing mice to prove the worth of a new genetic-engineering technique that uses sperm to insert the new DNA. 05/21/99

Beef tips confuse me. Tips of *what*? 05/21/99

Slimy bacteria common cause of chronic infections. 05/21/99

Schizophrenia patients whose medication couldn’t stop the imaginary voices in their heads gained some relief after researchers repeatedly sent a magnetic field into a small area of their brains. 05/21/99

Bush-Backed Abortion Bill Endorsed By Texas House. "I am confident this legislation will reduce the number of abortions in Texas and will involve parents in this major decision of their minor daughters," Bush said. Or at least a back-alley abortionist or two. What's the diff? Say, I wonder if *my* HMO covers Septic Abortions? 05/22/99

Mariner chief executive John Ellis has led a personal campaign in recent weeks to divert more public money for the new baseball stadium. The gall! This is a stadium that the public voted down only to be overruled by the King County Council. I'm getting tired of watching public funds being spent to assist well-heeled private enterprises, especially after such expenditures are rejected by the voters. (Thanks to Lizard for this item and the next) 05/22/99

Sen. Slade Gorton, R-Wash, last week attached four paragraphs to the $14.6 billion emergency funding measure, ensuring that a controversial cyanide leach mine proposed near Okanogan would be approved. Gorton voted no on the spending bill yesterday because he doesn't support the war. Murray voted yes but said she did so reluctantly because of the mining rider. I am spitting about this. 05/22/99

Vitamin Conspirators Met 4 Times A Year To go down in infamy as a "vitamin conspirator" may be punishment enough.... 05/22/99

Hey! The PI's article on regulating clubs features a picture of Alexis singing with Alexisland! (Scroll down) 05/23/99

Secret document shows cigarette maker considered making tobacco candy Laugh or cry? 05/23/99

Breast augmentation has become the third-most frequent plastic surgery for girls not yet 19. This is *upsetting* me. 05/23/99

Vancouver won't provide prostitutes with cell phones 05/24/99

Clinton okays plan to hack into Milosevic's bank accounts This is a big mistake. You know why heads of state never send their armies to assassinate another head of state? It's honor among thieves; doing that would make *any* head of state open to such an attack by a foreign government. Clinton and his advisors aren't thinking this through.... 05/24/99

Woman accused of trying to sell child by e-mail. 05/25/99

House of Lords to Remove Hereditary Peers. 05/25/99

@ I am really bugged by the term "wordsmith". I hate it almost as much as "womyn". What's up with that? Oooh, better get that "a" out of there, so no one thinks we don't have our *own* word. And how do you pluralize it? Mike is thinking of getting all the guys together and changing the other word to "myn" just to see what happens.... 05/25/99

Man who stabbed his wife 44 times and then held her head under the water says he was sleepwalking. 05/26/99

An army of tiny teddy bears, cherished by twin brothers who carried their favorites into battle, was bought for 26,450 pounds at Sotheby's in London on Tuesday. 05/26/99

A new star, visible to the naked eye, has appeared in Southern Skies. 05/26/99

The iCrapper is flushed, with honor. (Thanks, Lizard!) 05/27/99

One lucky curlew. 05/27/99

Taming the wild west of assisted procreation. 05/27/99

Jim Bakker: Adulterer, Thief, Astrophysicist. 05/27/99

An eighth-grader was suspended for rubbing poison ivy on her science teacher's chair. 05/28/99

Speeding consolidation or evening the playing field? Proposed company will auction off unsold radio ad slots on the Internet. 05/28/99

Public Enemy releases full album via internet. 05/28/99

JFK's bronze casket was sunk in the ocean where the military dumps unstable and outdated weapons and ammunition. This story makes no sense to me from any point of view. And we do *what* with unstable weapons and ammunition? 05/29/99

UK solar-powered house generates more electricity than it uses. 05/29/99

CyberCloisters 05/29/99

And then there's this: Women out of control, the Challenger disaster explained, mindless women-ogling men, and lots and lots of sodomy. Thanks, Lizard! 05/29/99

I'm collecting group names for goths. My favorites so far are an echelon of goths and a clot of goths. Send your suggestions.... 05/30/99

A Kosovo refugee has been crowned Miss Albania '99 *splutter!* 05/31/99

Woman charged with murder by heart attack 05/31/99

I was irritated today to discover that my vacuum cleaner, which doesn't pick up fuzz or cat hair as well as I would like it to, picks up my earrings just fine.... 05/31/99