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.: August 2007 --> Did Bush Just Repeal the Fifth Amendment?

Did Bush Just Repeal the Fifth Amendment?

» Did Bush Repeal the Fifth Amendment?

Although the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees that "No person shall ... be deprived of ... property, without due process of law," on July 17 President Bush issued an executive order authorizing the Treasury department to seize any and all property belonging to individuals who "pose a significant risk" of committing violent acts that undermine the "peace or stability" of Iraq. The action does not require congressional approval.

This out of control administration.

 [ 08.07.07 ]


Didn't he also just sign a similar law regarding people who contribute to the destabilizing of Lebanon?

It so happens that some of my Lebanese Christian cousins support the Christian leader Michel Aoun, who is in the opposition to the current, US-backed government. I don't particularly care for the guy, but I don't like the government in power much and I certainly make statements to that effect.

If my own statements or those of my cousins (all US citizens for decades now) seem too sympathetic to the opposition in LEbanon, does that make us liable to lose our homes, retirement plans and savings?

Just asking.

Professor Joshua Landis, a Syria Studies specialist, reports on the subject.



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