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.: August 2007 --> How Do You Escape From a Sinking Car?

How Do You Escape From a Sinking Car?

» How Do You Escape From a Sinking Car? Mainly you have to keep your head and remember just a few things. Read it, learn it, live it.
 [ 08.03.07 ]


Very helpful. Next question: how do you escape from a sinking car, and also rescue the children strapped into carseats in the back?

Oh God, the children question has crossed my mind this week, too. Let's just hope we don't have to face this.

Here in the East Bay, a middle-aged physician died last year in a heavy rainstorm when she got lost and drove right down a boat ramp into the estuary between Oakland and Alameda. The ramp is at the end of a major street, and didn't have a bar across it. Her family reported her missing and looked for her for months until somebody thought to look in the estuary. (Two men, drunk, had gone off in one car the year before). It is presumed that she was disoriented by the rainstorm, didn't see the sign re: the ramp, and thought she was going down into the Webster tube (tunnel to Oakland). I try not to think about her last moments in that car.

THanks for this info, in any case.

You know, I saw a thing about this on TV and immediately thought with panic about my 1 year old daughter and how I could never, ever save her in this situation. How I'd try and end up drowning both of us.

It's this kind of thing that makes me reconsider driving. Ever.



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