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.: April 2009 --> Public Service Gaming, and how it works

Public Service Gaming, and how it works

» Alice Taylor's wonderful piece on public service gaming will be a delight for gamers, and (I hope) a revelation for those who don't get what all the fuss is about.

Raph knocked my socks off with his book A Theory of Fun and its super simple core statement that "bored" is what happens when we stop learning. Fun is what we have when we're levelling up on something. "Pop", went something in my head. [...]
I get a lot of pitches for a game about the stock market, or a game about the Houses of Parliament. I haven't commissioned one of those yet. Encouraging teen interest in politics by playing a game about teen civil liberties though, that's interesting. Encouraging interest in genetics by playing a game about biopiracy and sneezing on people, that's different.... Understanding the origin of the police force by wading through the disgustingness of 1750s London, that's nice and grimy.

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