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.: December 2009 --> Test commenting

Test commenting

» I am testing to see if you can comment on this post. In the past, the system has been unable to recognize commenters once they logged in. Please comment if you can. If you can't, please email me at rebecca AT rebeccablood DOT net to let me know.
 [ 12.08.09 ]


testing test testing

If this works, I had to click the sign in link, sign in on some typepad login with credentials I haven't used in a long time and then come back here.. Just filling out the form didn't work.

Okay, I signed in, but it's still asking me for Name/Email Address/URL and "remember personal info". Let's see if this works.

Well, it's good that you can comment! Let's see if I can.

It says I'm logged in, but also has spots for name, email address and url. If you can see this it worked.

I'm a veteran lurker. Maybe 8 or 9 years and this is as good an excuse as any for my first post.

Logging in with OpenID seems to have given me a username of Www though, which is a little odd because my name is Karl :)

If you can read this, it worked.

Happy to comment with thanks for your fine blog.

Hiya and happy late birthday!

Hi Rebecca,

I can comment, I signed in with my typepad login.

Testing, testing...

...this is only a test...

OK, I think this thing is on.

Now, I just wanna tell you that I only went through this whole rigamarole because I'm writing a paper, I mean a serious-APA-formatted-paper-for-freaking-grad-school, that kind of paper, and you play a prominent role in that paper.

Seriously. You're gonna be an APA-formatted bibliographic reference.

OK, so it may not be the first time for you.

But it's my first paper of that sort, so there's that.

Be well, etc.

Thanks, J

Here is a comment to see if it works....



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