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.: June 2010 --> Summer Reading - 06/08/10

Summer Reading - 06/08/10

» This week's installment includes thrillers, business books, and writer's favorites from summers past. Adults:
NPR: Summer Titles That Will Transport You Into The Past
NPR: Booksellers' Picks: 15 Soaring Summer Reads
Salon: Your guide to nail-biting summer reads
Salon: Your guiltiest summer reading pleasures
New York Books: If You Liked My Book, You'll Love These: Six writers on their favorite reading, genre by genre
USA Today: Roundup: Mysteries, thrillers to chill you this summer
NYTimes: Summer Shares: Eight writers tell us what they have read on their summer vacations.
LA Times: Summer reading: 60 titles for 92 days
Seattle PI: The Early Word Swimsuit Edition: New Summer Reading, Week of June 1, 2010
New York Post: Summer beach book preview
Publisher's Weekly: 'PW' Staff Picks 2010
Time: Summer Book Picks Books WEEK OF JUN 7 - JUN 13
The Root: Summer Reading: Best of the Beltway
The 100 Best Business Books of All Time [Cool Tools recommendation]

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