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.: July 2010 --> Summer Reading - 07/05/10

Summer Reading - 07/05/10

» This week: the best of the most popular, the top 10 women travelers in fiction, suggestions for teens and tweens, and JP Morgan's annual Billionaire reading list.

NPR: Wisdom of the Crowds: Notables most deserving of a second splash of attention
Guardian UK: Jennie Rooney's top 10 women travellers in fiction
World News: The best summer books: from fishing to finance
JP Morgan: 9th Annual Summer Reading List
Real Simple: Top authors pick best summer books
University of Texas at Austin: Faculty and staff recommend books to expand your horizons, wherever the summer takes you
Kojo Nnamdi Show: 2010 Summer This year's recommendations for the best summer reading from book editors, librarians and independent bookstore owners
Graphic Novel Reporter: The Hottest Graphic Novels of Summer 2010
Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance: 2010 Summer Okra Picks - great southern books, fresh off the vine
Shelftalk: About Time: Books about Discovering America
Beach Books: 10 Hot Summer Must-Reads

Young Readers:
Kidlitosphere: Carnival of Children's Literature (on almost any subject you can imagine)
USA Today: Pop Candy: Ten summer young-adult books you'll want to read, despite your age
On Point Radio: Summer Reads for Kids (with printed list)
Push to Talk: Summer Reads for Teens
Push to Talk: More Summer Reads for Teens
Push to Talk: Four on a Theme

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