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.: July 2010 --> Summer Reading - 07/26/10

Summer Reading - 07/26/10

» This week's summer reading installment features medical graphic novels, the best nameless protagonists, and a thrillers roundup.

NPR: Fun In The Sun: Laugh-Out-Loud Summer Books
NPR: A London Cabbie's Summer Reading Picks
Guardian: Cian O'Luanaigh: My favourite medical graphic novels (and a blogpost introducing the genre)
Guardian: Greg Baxter's top 10 memento mori - fearless autobiographical writers
Guardian: Which books are on your summer holiday reading list?
Guardian: Ten of the best nameless protagonists in literature
Guardian: Thrillers roundup
More Magazine: The Top 100 Books Every Woman Should Read Part I: The Classics
More Magazine: Summer Books You'll Remember
More Magazine: 7 Summer Cookbooks
More Magazine: 11 Top Celeb Cookbooks: Editors' Picks
More Magazine: Into the Wild
More Magazine: 23 Scandal-Filled Summer Reads
Shelftalk: About Time: Dark Days and Deeds
Reader's Advisor: Under the Radar: New Fantasy Books You May Have Missed
2009 Shirley Jackson Awards Winner (announced July 11th 2010)
Daily Beast: James P. Othmer: 6 Great Novels on Work

Children and Young Adults:
Shelftalk: Princess Books for Little Girls

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