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.: March 2011 --> Are there reasonable limits on free speech in a civil society?

Are there reasonable limits on free speech in a civil society?

» I understand the desire for a bright line in the matter of free speech, but I have to say, I think I agree with Justice Alito's dissent in the Westboro case. Particularly since, as the Justice notes, picketing the funeral was "central to respondents' well-practiced strategy for attracting public attention". Brutalizing innocent victims in order to promote your own cause is surely something more like advertising than self-expression.

For what it's worth, I agree with his dissent in the crush video case, too.

 [ 03.02.11 ]

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My Father was a Baptist Decon who fought in World War I and was injuried by Poison Gas
causing him much pain and eventually caused
his death. He certainly would not have believed in these terrible scenes at the funerals of American Soldiers - who were killed fighting for the right these people
have to protest at their funerals. This is a
shameful miscarrige of justice. I do hope all
Christians will agree with me on this issue.



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