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.: March 2011 --> George Orwell on the excellence of British cuisine

George Orwell on the excellence of British cuisine

» George Orwell: In Defence of English Cooking.

It is commonly said, even by the English themselves, that English cooking is the worst in the world. It is supposed to be not merely incompetent, but also imitative, and I even read quite recently, in a book by a French writer, the remark: 'The best English cooking is, of course, simply French cooking.'
Now that is simply not true.

 [ 03.30.11 ]


Hi Rebecca,

Did you know that Orwell wrote a booklet in 1946 called "Food in Britain" that was never published? You can read Orwell’s recipe for Christmas pudding and see some images from the manuscript.

It's pretty cool. :-)

By including haggis and english sausages, he makes the oppositions point. He is essentially saying "all this terrible tasting stuff I've developed a taste for is hard to get elsewhere". For good reason. Where else can I get bread sopping with bacon grease. Tasteless sandwiches with warm coke abound. Of course there are good things, like clotted cream. It would be pretty improbable for a large country to have no food of note. For the most part though, when I go to England, I look for Indian food.



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