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Summer Reading 06-12-07

» This week's summer reading roundup:

For kids and young adults

  [ 06/12/07 ]

Find your local library at

» Not sure where your local public library is located? Use the finder at [ 11/14/06 ]

Library 2.0 with a 1.5 library, 1.23 staff, and .98 patrons

» I just love the title of my pal Jessamyn West's latest presentation: Sensible Technology Trends in Libraries: Library 2.0 with a 1.5 library, 1.23 staff, and .98 patrons.. Tasha Saecker's notes on the talk are available on her blog. (via wl [ 11/07/06 ]

Google posters for libraries

» Interesting. Google has produced a series of posters for use inside libraries outlining effective use of their tools. (1) Comments  / [ 10/27/06 ]

What is your local library worth?

» What is your library worth to you? Calculate your monthly usage, and assign a dollar value. At an average of 2 books borrowed a month, and about 4 interlibrary loans a year, I'm getting a value of $37.50 a month. (via wl(1) Comments  / [ 10/13/06 ]

Search smarter with a library card

» Simple tips for smarter searches: go to the library(1) Comments  / [ 10/05/06 ]

Colorado early 20th century photo essay

» Karmen Franklin has used the Western History Photos collection at the Denver Public Library to construct Lillybridge I: An Early 20th Century Photo Essay. She has focused on the photos of local photographer Charles S. Lillybridge, who set up a photography studio in 1904 and proceeded to document life on the Colorado canals.  [ 07/19/06 ]

A college-bound reading list

» A College-bound Reading List compiled by Arrowhead Library System [ 06/22/06 ]

Lexington High School Library Summer Reading Lists

» The Lexington (MA) High School Library has lists of required reading for all their students and numerous links to lists of pleasure reading for teens [ 06/21/06 ]

A Mother-Daughter Book Club

» The University Place Branch of the Pierce County Library System has a monthly Mother-Daughter Book Club. They have a monthly breakfast meeting, and their website lists the books they have read with their reviews. It's a terrific idea, but what about one for the boys?   [ 06/08/06 ]

Library keeps list of the books you have read

» Oh, here's an idea I like: a library website that keeps a list of all the books you have read. What we want, of course, is a way to integrate that with our Amazon wishlists and then to import the data seamlessly onto our blogs.  [ 06/01/06 ]

Mother's Day Book Recommendations

» It's just around the corner. Here are a few book recommendations for Mother's Day:

  [ 05/04/06 ]

Library Elf loan manager

» Library Elf will send you notifications via email or rss of upcoming due dates and holds that have come available. (via sp [ 04/10/06 ]

2006 Who Reads What?

» Who Reads What? is compiled every year by Glenna Nowell, a retired librarian who queries celebrities for their book recommendations. The 2006 list includes entries from Newt Gingrich, Kitty Kelly, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Gregg Allman.  [ 04/07/06 ]



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