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Goths: Peaceful, articulate, educated

» Has your teenager started wearing black and smoking clove cigarettes? Don't be afraid! A Sussex Univeristy study shows that most goths are articulate, sensitive, literature-loving romantics, who are likely to grow into a well-paid profession in their adult lives, "They won't like me saying it, but their lifestyle, unlike the punk scene, is a middle-class sub culture." Dr. Dunja Brill, Sussex University. (thanks, Ray!)  (1) Comments  / [ 04/13/07 ]

Goth culture protects at-risk youths

» A new study suggests that the goth subculture, with its emphasis on acceptance and non-violence, may help to protect young people at risk of harming themselves. "Rather than posing a risk, it's also possible that by belonging to the goth subculture, young people are gaining valuable social and emotional support from their peers." Robert Young, University of Glasgow researcher and study lead. (thanks, chris!) (1) Comments  / [ 04/18/06 ]



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