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Frugal Gardening

» Gardening On The Cheap. Tips on getting free plants for your yard, wherever you live.  [ 06/07/07 ]

How to Make an Herb Spiral

» How to Make an Herb Spiral.

The herb spiral is a permaculture gardening method that uses nature to its full potential. Gravity allows the water to seep through the levels meaning that the plants at the top get full drainage while the ones at the bottom may reside in a simple bog. It also gives your herbs shady spots with varying degrees. The herbs that need full-sun can be grown in those positions while more shade loving plants can be located on the opposite side.

What a great idea—and pretty. If I had a backyard, I'd definitely consider building one of these. (via gw(2) Comments  / [ 05/18/07 ]

Organic, Biodynamic, Heritage & Heirloom Seed Sources

» It's that time. Fork & Bottle's list of Organic, Biodynamic, Heritage & Heirloom Seed Sources  [ 03/13/07 ]

Study: salt-watered tomatoes taste better

» Harold McGee reports on a study that shows watering hydroponic tomatoes with a weak saline solution enhances both their flavor and their nutritional profile [ 02/02/07 ]

A better way to grow cilantro

» A better way to grow cilantro. I've been trying to grow herbs on my deck since a bunch from the market is usually more than I need and I end up throwing half of it away. (via jgb [ 11/01/06 ]

Old gardening books now online

» A collection of old gardening books are now available online for free, courtesy of Google.  [ 10/02/06 ]

Permaculture Links

» Wow. Here's a long list of Permaculture and Gardening links [ 07/12/06 ]

Green Roofs gain slow acceptance in US

» Did you know that in the United States, Chicago leads in green roofs? Environmenally friendly (and lovely) they are a rapidly growing trend around the world.  [ 05/02/06 ]

Gardening at Gitmo

» Gardening at Gitmo. (via rc3oi [ 05/02/06 ]

On modern gardening

» A Long Row to Hoe, to Avoid a Store-Bought Tomato. Garret points out that his father managed to produce an ample harvest every year without investing $16,000 to do it. (via dm [ 04/17/06 ]



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