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Ideal house design based on a nine-patch quilt

» Brett Holverstott's house plan based on a traditional quilt pattern. "The overall plan of the house is a nine patch. It is somewhat related to the cruciform designs of the Prairie Houses, and the cruciform-in-square designs of Kahn's commercial structures. The central living space is an introverted, double-height atrium, from which six of the eight service towers, all eight piers, and a massive fireplace are visible up their entire length."  [ 11/06/06 ]

Knitting clubs

» A short roundup of knitting clubs on Whip Up (Ashford Club, the most affordable, looks the best to me. The articles in their magazine cover the wide range of crafts that Threads did back in its heyday.)  [ 02/28/06 ]

Creating a Stitch Dictionary

» Building a Stitch Dictionary. It's aimed at crocheters, but knitters, tatters, quilters, and other crafters could easily apply the same principle to their work. (via iama [ 02/08/06 ]

Cross stitch chart generator

» A Cross stitch Chart Generator. (via mb [ 01/26/06 ]

Pacman in needlepoint

» Amazing: Pacman, in needlepoint. [Wait! Cross stitch?](via rw [ 01/25/06 ]



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