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Indian vegetarian-only communities

» In India there is a growing trend for neighborhood societies to uphold strict vegetarian-only housing policies. It's completely legal, as are housing societies based on religion. "It's just not fair. It's a monopoly by vegetarians. If you step out to eat, there's nothing for miles because everything around is veggie." Kiran Talwar, a resident who has seen vegetarianism take over restaurants and groceries all over his childhood neighborhood. (via amy)  (1) Comments  / [ 07/26/06 ]

Rosemary Recipes

» A Little Weekend Cooking: Upon my return, my community garden plot was overrun with rosemary. What to do with the surplus? I started searching on the Web and found so many interesting recipes, I wish I had brought more home:

The Basics



Main dishes and Sides



  [ 06/23/06 ]

Homemade Tofu

» Fabulous: Making Tofu at home. Once you've assembled the equipment and ingredients, it looks nearly as straighforward as making yogurt, and only a little more time-consuming. (1) Comments  / [ 04/10/06 ]

Why would you want to?

» How to make Vegan Twinkies (via rw [ 03/31/06 ]

Firemen's Favorite Vegan Recipes

» Firemen's Favorite Vegan Recipes. "Fight Fire, Fight Cholesterol, Fight Fat." (via rw [ 03/27/06 ]

The Beermapping Project

» The Beermapping Project. Like beer? Like maps? You're home. (via KIP [ 01/30/06 ]

Archibong's Vegetarian Club?

» When students at Atlanta's Grady High School Vegetarian Club demanded better lunch choices, Grady High responded by creating a vegetarian lunch line, believed to be the first of its kind in the country. "Originally designed for the 30 students in Archibong's Vegetarian Club, meat-eaters also jumped in line and the cafeteria now serves vegetarian entrees to up to 400 of the school's 1,200 students each day."  [ 01/11/06 ]



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