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White Silo Winery makes country wines

» White Silo Farm and Winery is part of the Connecticut Wine Trail (who knew?) but it doesn't produce wine made from grapes. It specializes in fruit-based country wines [ 08/17/06 ]

Jack Keler's Wine-making Blog

» Jack Keler's Winemaking Blog has it all, from identifying grapes to weather effects on fermenting wine. And the recipes! Banana Wine, Mesquite Wine, Daylily Wine, Mint Jelly, and Mint Jelly Wine.... There are no permalinks, so scroll down to see what a vasty resource this is. (1) Comments  / [ 08/04/06 ]

Wine 101 and recommended books on wine

» Wine 101: A Sensory User's Manual ... using chemistry, physiology, physics and psychology to develop a wine palate, and this list of recommended books on wine. Also see this recommended article, Intro to Wine Tasting by Lauriann Greene-Sollin, Sommelier-Conseil.  [ 06/29/06 ]

Cork'd - Social Wine Reviewing site

» Also from A Full Belly, Cork'd, a community site for reviewing wines. As someone who is always looking for an inexpensive, great-tasting wine, this looks like a promising resource.  [ 06/21/06 ]

Merlot fights back against an imaginary foe

» Merlot fights back is Swanson Vineyards wine seminar for trade and media that is designed to counter, as I would judge, a single movie character's refusal to drink Merlot. "Did you know how important clay in a merlot vineyard’s soil is? Did you realize that the wine Miles (in Sideways) hoarded and opened on his birthday was a '61 Cheval Blanc, a 50/50 cepage of Merlot and Cabernet Franc? These are just a taste of the connoisseurship of Merlot the seminar will provide."  [ 04/17/06 ]



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