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Eye of Science: Microscopic photography gallery

» Eye of Science is an online gallery of microscopic photography, ranging from crystals (I love the snowflakes—Image 5), botany, medicine, technology, and more. Click on the image links and then wait a moment. Many of the images cycle through a series of the same substance. (via dbdw [ 01/02/07 ]

Japan Underground Photography

» More underground photography, this time from photographer Joe Nishizawa. His new book (available only in Japan) is called Deep Inside. Ping Mag recently interviewed the artist. (via rw)

Lightings and everything is just captured as it was there - I didn’t even use a flash light! It’s magic: you first hear the car noises on the ground level and as you descend slowly, suddenly, this vast and silent space unfolds in front of you. [...]
Shapes, colours, lights - not a single element you see in the photos was designed for the sake of beauty. They were totally designed for ultimate functionality. Yet, I do found such an extraordinary futuristic beauty in such places and I wish people can also find that in my photos.

 (1) Comments  / [ 07/27/06 ]

Flickr: Lebanon and Israeli 2006 War

» Citizen Journalism on Flickr: Pictures of the wreckage in Lebanon on Flickr. You can also search for "Beirut" and "Israel" or the Middle East Israel-Lebanon-War cluster to see recent images. (via dp [ 07/24/06 ]

Underground Russian Railroad Pics

» Gorgeous. Pictures from the deep dark regions under Russian streets. These look like movie sets. (1) Comments  / [ 07/24/06 ]

Lillybridge II: 20th Century Photo Essay

» Karmen Franklin's lovely photo essay about life in early 20th century Colorado continues: Lillybridge II: 20th Century Photo Essay [ 07/20/06 ]

Flickr: A Day without Immigrants

» Flickr photos arranged by "Interestingness": A Day Without Immigrants [ 05/02/06 ]

The Spamera

» The Spamera (via dm [ 02/17/06 ]

Canadian views from two eras

» Urban Life through Two Lenses [flash required]. "A century apart, but the same place, and the same time: two photographers, two lenses, but the same goal. 'Urban Life through Two Lenses' invites you into a unique virtual space where two daily realities coexist, raising questions about each other." This online exhibit is a little hard to navigate, but in some ways quite well done. Mouse over the images to hear representative ambient sound of the time.  [ 01/24/06 ]



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