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Using the Permaculture Zone Principle for Getting Things Done

» Cultivating your home: Permaculture zones for getting things done. An Australian permaculture expert applies the "zone" principle to work and life. "Zone 1 can only be as big as your reach and attention. [...] When there is some task you want to remember to do, or get motivation to start, just put it in zone 1 – places your hands and eyes naturally reach – and tasks will seem to just ‘complete themselves’ for you. [...] Zone one is precious; so don’t waste it on storage." (2) Comments  / [ 05/10/07 ]

Read it and Weep

» Ramit is right: Ten Things About Yourself That Would Surprise You.   [ 02/13/06 ]

How to Improve Your Memory

» 43 Folders: How to Improve Your Memory [ 01/30/06 ]

Goal Mapping Template

» Something else for the new year: Bryan Mayne's goal mapping template [pdf] (via curt rosengren [ 01/11/06 ]



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