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rebecca's recipes

brown rice risotto
carrots vichy
creole seasoning blend
everyday vinaigrette
no-cook pizza sauce
marinated mushrooms
pasta d'estate
raspberry vinaigrette
refrigerator sweet carrot pickles
sweet potato muffins
vegetable stock
whole wheat biscuits
whole wheat pizza

notes on recipes

recipe notes

recipes to try

according to my whim

baby food

making your own baby food

other recipes

the boston cooking-school cook book (1918 ed) [slithy popup!]
the creole and cajun recipe pages
- don't miss chuck's spectacular red rice and beans, but consider using my creole seasoning blend for a less fiery result
frank's indonesian cooking
hot fudge pudding cake [cooks illustrated]
nebraska master mix homemade convenience food
onion relish
the vegetarian epicure
basic yogurt recipe
how to make yogurt

online recipe collections [slithy popup!]
bread recipes
epicurious recipe file
fat free recipes
recipe archive
searchable online archive of recipes


british cheeses
cook's illustrated
lots of cooking links
the new homemaker's essentials
the red kitchen
splendid table's gourmet guide to ingredients
how to: how to cut fruits and vegetables for right and left-handers

need to know

epicurious food dictionary
ingredient substitutions and food yields [pdf]
in a pinch food yields
ingredient substitutions
in a pinch ingredient substitutions
ingredient substitutions
functions of baking ingredients
food yields

egg substitutes

egg substitutes for baking by function
egg, dairy, and meat substitutes
egg substitutes
egg substitutes
vegan/vegetarian egg substitutes

nutritional comparisons

wheat flour


gang of pour
wine enthusiast
wine lover's page
oxford companion to wine
wine spectator



food reading lists

Selection from the lists of readings required or recommended for courses in the UA Graduate Program in Gastronomy

making vinegars

how to make vinegar
how to make vinegar
making flavorful veinegar

period cooking

gode cookery (medieval fare)
medieval recipes
medieval/renaissance food
two 15th century cookery books
cariadoc's miscellany

camp cooking

camp cooking
camping cooking resources

solar cooking

solar cooking
solar cooking hints
solar cooking recipes
solar cooking recipes

seasonal produce

articles: cooking with the seasons
what's in season? [pdf]
whats in season?
seasonal produce lists
seasonal produce guide
no. california:
fruits and vegetables in season
seasonal produce calendar
so. california:
fruits in season
vegetables in season
seasonal produce by month

community supported farms

(all of these databases seem to be incomplete: look through several to find your options)
alternative farming systems information center
community supported agriculture
local harvest
national csa farm directory
sustainable agricultural network

my csa

terra firma farms
- newsletter
» my review

usda nutritional resources

food guide pyramid 2000
how much is a serving for children?
cultural food guide pyramids
more cultural food pyramids
usda nutrient values

alternate food guides

walter willett's nutritional pyramid
why the oldways food pyramid guides are better for you than the USDA's
about the oldways food guides
asian diet pyramid
latin diet pyramid
mediterranean diet pyramid
vegetarian diet pyramid

food storage and safety

the dirty dozen 12 most and least pesticide contaminated foods
genetically engineered crops which are allowed in the US food supply
cupboard approximate storage times
food storage guide
food storage information
selection and storage of vegetables
refrigerator/freezer approximate storage times
washing fruits and vegetables


meat must be cooked to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F (71 C). additionally:
garlic helps keep you safe
adding prunes to meat


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