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first things first

If you are a knitter or crocheter (or are interested in becoming one) go join Ravelry right now. Encouragement, instruction, community, patterns, and answers to any question - for free.

how to knit

basic knitting techniques with video!
martha stewart knitting basics
wonderful things how to knit
knitting abbreviations master list

beginners projects

bunny made from a square
squares slipper

knitting resources

stitch and bitch groups worldwide
darning socks and other knitted items
bay area knitting stores
gauge chart for your yarn type
knitlist faq
create your own gauge-specific knitters graph paper
knitting charities
knitting tiny tubes with two circulars
ripping your knitting
size and measurement charts
the knitting fiend
what size yarn is this?
yardage estimates for basic knitted garments

knitting tips and tricks

crystal palace knitting tips and techniques
the knitting fiend's how-to articles
lucy neatby's tips and tricks for knitters
margaret radcliffe's tips and tricks
stitch diva's knitting tutorials
woolworks tips and hints for knitters

knitting finishing techniques

3-needle shoulder bind-off
knitty mattress seam
perfect knit seams
seaming knitted garments

knitting resources for the blind

Knitting and craft patterns in braille
Shell's Knitting Pages - a resource for blind knitters and those who wish to learn
Tending to My Knitting - a story by a blind knitter

charts for knitted alphabets

greek alphabet
latin block letter chart

knitted food

japanese knitted food
knitted pie
pear and raspberry

knitting pattern generators

raglan sweater
sock pattern
knitting fiend's sweater pattern generator
knitting fool's sweater generators

free knitting patterns
berroco patterns
coats and clark
craft yarn council of america
craftbits knitting patterns (including lots of knitted food patterns)
frugal knitting haus
- acorn book mark
knitting fiend
knitting on the net
knitting pattern central
the knitlist
lionbrand registration required
troop knitting patterns

thrummed mittens &tc

picture and faq
prairie wool
wool tyme (2-needle)
yarn forward (2-needle)
yarn forward (4-needle)
thrummed slippers

knitting socks

generic sock pattern
- knee socks
sock sizes and measurements
mini-tutorial: proper pattern knitting and kitchener stitch
mini-tutorial: gussets
socks 101
the sock page
heels, heels, heels
toes and heels
sock patterns
sock knitting tips
1918: mrs. a reeder's method for knitting two socks at once (insane!)


baby size chart
infant measurement chart
BBC: newborn measurement chart
measurements for babies, children, and adults

baby patterns

cute garter stitch baby coat
baby hat with leaf edging
mitred u baby jacket
baby socks

pattern charts

heraldic lion
knitting pattern charts
knitter's alphabet chart

historical knitting patterns

chart for knitting 18th century stockings
knitting history's godey's knitted patterns
hand knit elizabethan hose
mrs stone's historical patterns
WWII troop knitting patterns
red cross WWI & WWII knitting patterns
another collection red cross WWI & WWII knitting patterns
cramped fingers and blurry eyes collection of antique knitting patterns and instructions
vintage knitting patterns (with exchange to crochet)
vintage crochet patterns (with exchange to knit)

knitting patterns to purchase

annie modesitt
white lies designs


bernat patterns to knit and crochet
craft books in braille
how to make a pom pom using cardboard
how to make a pom pom using your fingers
make your mixer into a yarn winder
recycling yarn from old sweaters
recycled yarn photo tutorial
how to wind a skein photo tutorial
yarn ball handling

kool aid dyeing

basic how-to
basic techniques with color chart for white and gray wool
directions with notes on the differences between canadian and american colors
directions with numerous methods
dyeing with food coloring, kool-aid, and jello
dye wool with kool aid photo tutorial
info and color chart
painting yarn and mixing colors photo gallery
photo directions for koolaid dyeing

knit and crochet terms translators

searchable international knitting terms glossary
knitting and crochet translation dictionaries (scroll down)
a world of crochet and knitting
japanese charted patterns "Gauge is always given in stitches and rows per 10 cm, rather than stitches and rows per inch. This may be confusing to knitters in the USA, but really isn't as bad as it seems. 10 cm is nearly the same as 4". Usually dividing by 4 will give you a usable gauge."

fannish knit/crochet

knitted companion cube
dr who scarf (knit or crochet)
two different dr who scarves
hp: golden snitch bookmark
hp: gryffindor lion sweater
hp: crocheted golden snitch afghan square
hp: pattern charts
hp: wizard scarf 1
hp: knitting in harry potter
star trek knitting charts

how to crochet

about how to crochet
crochet guide
martha stewart crochet basics
crochet abbreviations master list
about sewing techniques for crochet

crochet resources crochet
crochet guild of america
how to convert knit patterns to crochet

free crochet patterns
all crafts
antique crochet patterns
art of tangle
by the hook
coats and clark
craft yarn council of america
craftbits crochet patterns
crochet cabana
crochet guild of america
crochet 'n' more
crochet pattern central
crochet central
lion brand
marlo's crochet corner
royal yarns
sue's crochet and knitting
vintage crochet patterns
vintage crochet patterns (with exchange to knit)
vintage knitting patterns (with exchange to crochet)


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» first things first
» how to knit
» beginners projects
» knitting resources
» knitting tips and tricks
» knitting finishing techniques
» knitting resources for the blind
» charts for alphabets
» knitted food
» knitting pattern generators
» free knitting patterns
» thrummed mittens and &tc
» knitting socks
» baby measurements
» baby patterns
» pattern charts
» historical knitting patterns
» patterns to purchase
» gothic knit/crochet
» general knitting
» kool aid dyeing
» knit and crochet terms translators
» fannish knit/crochet
» how to crochet
» crochet resources
» free crochet patterns

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