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Black Bean Chili

» Deborah Madison, The Greens Cookbook. — Outstanding.

I've made this for years and it's always great — and very well-received. I once chopped the onions in the food processor instead of by hand when I was making several batches at once for a party. The texture of the onions somehow resembled ground meat, and I had one person take a few bites and come back to make sure that it really was a vegetarian dish.

I always use prepared chili powder I now use pure ground chili from my natural foods store instead of making my own. I usually reserve some leftovers to make my version of her Chilaquiles later in the week. I highly recommend this chili. [ 02.10.06 ]


You mention here that you use prepared chili powder -- a recipe for chili powder that I quite like is Mark Bittman's, in his "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian." It's very easy to make, especially if you have a dedicated spice mill.

I just updated this to say that I now use pure ground chili from my natural foods store when making this recipe. I am a big Bittman fan, so I'll be sure to look up his chili powder recipe for use in other styles of chili. Thanks for the suggestion!

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