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Green Posole (Posole Verde)

» Madhur Jaffrey, World Vegetarian, page 338. — Unimpressed.

From Ms. Jaffrey's description, I thought this would have a complex, layered, flavorful dish. I loved the idea of mildly flavored base grains and beans playing against the heat and sour of chilis and tomatillos, topped with cool, crispy vegetables. Instead, this dish was just hot and sour. The corn and beans are just filler. Additionally, it takes a full 5 hours to complete from start to finish, so it's best as a weekend meal.

I didn't hate it, but even if this dish had been easier to prepare, I wouldn't make it again. I may take the posole/bean base and create something a little more to my liking, though.

Shopping Note: This dish calls for poblano chilis. My natural foods store mislabeled the poblanos as "Anchos" (the dried version of a poblano), so be on the lookout. Posole is known as hominy in many parts of the United States. [ 09.12.10 ]

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