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about sewing how-to
a beginner's guide to simple sewing stitches
clone yourself a fitting assistant
designing a sewing center
from muslin drape to paper pattern
lining a jacket
usenet pattern reinforcement
dmoz sewing
twenty ways to improve your sewing


usenet books on mending
usenet invisible mending


mending (darning)
how to make a mend knitting
fibre arts sewing and repairs

recycling and remodeling clothes

rags to riches
recycling clothing using your sewing skills

miscellaneous sewing

how to make a tailor's ironing board cover
how to make underwear from a t-shirt
sew a custom bra
the best fitting bra pattern

miscellaneous sewing supplies

linen thread
hot potatoes rubber stamps
kyoto kimono (vintage silk)

historical clothing supplies

jas. townsend & son, inc.

historical sewing how-tos

excerpts from needlework/sewing books
vintage sewing home of the vintage sewing electronic reference library, including:
- 1917: american dressmaking, step by step
- 1926: the new-way course in fashionable clothes-making

historical clothing resources

renaissance tailor 1600-1700
the natural waist and large sleeves: women's fashions 1825-1840
godey's lady's book online 1850
godey's lady's book 1855-1860
civil war clothing and more

historical patterns

la coutourière parisienne historical costume and fashion patterns, medieval to early 20th c
google historical patterns and publications
historical patterns and costumes
reconstructing history patterns for celtic, japanese, celtic, irish historical clothing

commercial historical patterns

ageless patterns (victorian)
sense and sensibility patterns

gothic sewing

gothic sewing
sofa wrap
(see also costuming resources and historical resources below.)

ancient japanese clothing

123 japanese
heian clothing
heian woman's clothing
japanese men's outfits

modern japanese clothing
method of tying a kaku obi

costuming resources

costumes and textiles
costuming resources
costuming resources online
drama (and costuming) organizations


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