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general textile care

bleach fact sheet
cleaning fabric
fabric care
guide to laundry care symbols
guide to laundry care labels
osu textile factsheets

stain removal guides

ISU extension care and stain removal
linen stain removal
removing stains from suits
stain removal chart
stain removal guide
stain removal guidelines


fiber content tests
packing tips
profiles in fabric collecting conversations with experts
textile & apparel www database

vintage textiles

usenet buttermilk recipe
usenet removing rust stains from cotton

textile conservation

care of antique garments
care and conservation of quilts
caring for cultural materials
ISU extension conservation of textile items
historic clothing & textiles
quilt and textile care
storing wedding gowns

caring for linen

caring for church linens (pdf)
carin gfor fine linens
caring for linen
care of irish linen
denver fabrics: linen care, history, manufacture, and uses

vintage linen

about old linens
about how to clean old linens
caring for antique linens
usenet aunt mamie's linen regimen
usenet cleaning old linen
usenet cleaning old pieces
usenet conservator's cleaning formula
usenet machine washing old linen
usenet more washing techniques usenet restoring vintage linens
usenet stained linen
usenet stained old linens
usenet using enzyme cleaners to remove stains


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