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.: King Kong

» King Kong. [ **** ] 
A roller coaster ride. Jackson remakes the film in complete faithfulness to the original, giving modern audiences the equivalent of the experience for the original's audience. Unfortunately, it's undisciplined. It drags in places and it's just too long. [ 01.14.06 ]


I have to completely agree with you on that review. I found the movie a beautiful tribute to the original, but it did drag. At one point in the beginning 30 minutes of the movie, the woman sitting next to me asked her date "This IS a movie about King Kong, right?".

Love the blog,
Lee Anne

It's a complaint I had about lots of films last year. And at some point in every one of these extra-long movies I find myself suddenly thinking "I wonder when this scene/film is going to end?" I don't mind a long film, per se, but that should never happen.

The surprising exception to this was The New World, which is only about 10% story — and yet I was never bored.

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