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.: Mass Effect 3

» Mass Effect 3, Electronic Arts [****] 
Coming to the end of this series left me inexplicably sad - I was truly surprised at my reaction. This, the third in the trilogy, is not as good as Mass Effect II, which was really quite good. But it's definitely worth playing, especially if you've played the other games in the series.

I'm not sure what to say about the original ending vs the extended ending. The extended ending is much better than the ending as originally written, UNLESS....

On the one hand, the developers have shown far more skill in their storytelling than the original endings exhibit. On the other hand, as my husband has pointed out, the rest of the game hasn't shown the subtlety presented by the Indoctrination theory.

For myself, I am firmly in the Indoctrination camp, due to a couple of the cut scenes presented in the end game, compounded by the fact that the original endings make no sense at all otherwise. I think the developers just didn't quite pull it off - they thought their clues were meatier than they really are. I'm waiting with great anticipation for a fourth game (as promised in the epilogue) and with great interest in finding out which set of endings are the "real" ones. [ 08.02.12 ]

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