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.: February 2006 --> The infamous Rebecca Blood blog?

The infamous Rebecca Blood blog?

» "The infamous Rebecca Blood blog"?
 [ 02.03.06 ]


Maybe the site, "the M/Cyclopedia of new media", should get themselves a good old-fashioned dictionary. Since infamous means "having an exceedingly bad reputation" and your blog has an exceedingly good reputation, I have no doubt they really meant to say "the famous Rebecca Blood blog".


Main Entry: in·fa·mous Pronunciation: 'in-f&-m&s Function: adjective Etymology: Middle English, from Latin infamis, from in- + fama fame 1 : having a reputation of the worst kind 2 : causing or bringing infamy : DISGRACEFUL 3 : convicted of an offense bringing infamy - in·fa·mous·ly adverb

I bet this has something to do with your hair. You're just plain "famous" in my book.

Infamous also means "cool" in some ways (e.g rap-music-type kool)

rebecca, perhaps "infamous" was meant to refer to your incredible range of interests. actually, i just meant to visit and tell you how much i'm enjoying your book on weblogging. but i began looking at temperance on the cornell site (pointed out they have the wrong photo for the famous, some might say infamous, WCTU leader, frances e. willard).

on to knitting. my longheld resistance to crochet was overcome by those japanese food pieces. enough with 2 needles--have to go for the hook.

thanks for some pleasure in these dark days on the political front. yours, naomi

Or, is it just possible, that some are getting hip to your secret agenda of dominating civilization via memetic control? We're on to you now RB.

it was the link to the Osama reading club that tipped you over...


I had assumed the reference — if it meant anything — referred to my politics. (I was once accused on a blog of being "so far left she's off the scale".) But this post has me wondering if Alan might not have nailed it. "Scary"?



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