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Italic Handwriting

» Appalled at the terrible handwriting that surrounds them, a handwriting expert/former teacher and calligraphy expert have invented a new hybrid of printing and cursive that promises to give practitioners fast, legible handwriting. Their book is Write Now: The Complete Program for Better Handwriting. Listen, I'm all for this. I can't read notes I've written to myself even 5 minutes later. "We have a national affliction, and it's called cacography — that means 'illegible handwriting.' "That's why we're a 'Please print' nation. Nobody says, 'Please write in your lovely cursive handwriting.'" Barbara Getty, handwriting expert, former elementary-school teacher and co-creator of the Italic method of handwriting. (via dm)

Thanks to Shelly for providing the URL for the updated version of the book (corrected above).

 [ 03.15.06 ]


The Amazon link you provided points to an out of print edition. The current edition can be found here. Of course, I thought to double check for a newer version *after* I'd gone to ABE Books and ordered a used copy.

Thanks for sharing this book! I do a lot of written journaling, and my handwriting could use some serious help.

You can also check out the handwriting section of this site:

Rebecca - as an Italic handwriter (and Italic handwriting teacher) myself, I wish you success in your pursuit of this "new" (really old) way of writing.

But I have to set you straight on one fact. My friends and colleagues Barbara Getty and Inga Dubay, who wrote the WRITE NOW Italic handwriting book that you mention) did not invent this writing style. Italic handwriting has existed for about 500 years. Rather than invent it, Barbara and Inga designed a workbook and other materials for this Renaissance-era style now undergoing its own (twenty-first century) renaissance.

To verify the above information, you can check with Barbara and Inga via their Italic handwriting websites: and

Again, I wish you every success with Italic - and I look forward to seeing you share your experiences with this old/new way of writing.



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