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Most linked blogs 2000

» I've been getting a lot of hits lately from Beebo's Most linked blogs, September 2000. This list in itself refutes the notion that blog-popularity is just a pyramid scheme in which the longest-standing blogs win. Only 3 of these weblogs are in the Technorati Top 100 today. Likely only 3 of today's Technorati Top 100 will be there 6 years from now.

And I'll dispute Michael's assertion that there were no political blogs at the time. I was one of the first bloggers to post about politics. And I would say that Medley pioneered the long-form political commentary that is the norm for most political blogs today — though I'll wager none of them have heard of that blog. The difference then was that few, if any, of us were focused strictly on one topic: our weblogs were a reflection of all of our interests, not just one obsession.

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Oh my. My my my. Beebo put up a link to the top-linked blogs from September 2000. I'm there. Genehack's there. Dan's there. Rafe. Jason. Chuck. All people I still read. At the alumni event... Read More

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Funny how narrow people's conceptions of what counts as "political" tend to be.



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