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.: April 2006 --> Combatants for Peace

Combatants for Peace

» Former Palestinian and Israeli fighters have joined together to create a new organization called Combatants for Peace. After being kept secret for a year, the group makes its public debut in Jerusalem April 10, which coincides with the Jewish holiday of Passover and Palestinian Prisoners Day. "It's a paradox. You hear a man talking about how he shot, killed, damaged your neighbor's house. But you feel empathy for him. You realize that we are all from the same background, but just from different sides. The soldier wanted to protect his people, and so did we. But we've all discovered we were wrong in how we did it." Bassam Aramin, one of the Palestinian co-creators of Combatants for Peace.
 [ 04.07.06 ]

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I read about the 'Combatants for Peace' movement a few days ago in the Guardian, a leading British newspaper. Being from Northern Ireland and living in England I have some level of understanding of conflict. I just want to thank all those involved in the movement and wish you the absolute best of luck in your crucial work. People like yourselves are inspirational and I know people worldwide will agree. Well done !!!!



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