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.: April 2006 --> Cross Walk America to reclaim Christianity

Cross Walk America to reclaim Christianity

» Concerned that radical fundamentalism has hijacked Christianity in the public sphere, a group of moderate and progressive Christians have formed a group called Crosswalk, and started a cross-country hike from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, DC to bring attention to more mainstream Christian values. The Phoenix Affirmations summarize their core beliefs. And of course they have a blog. "We are going on this journey because the Christian values of compassion, a welcoming spirit, acceptance and tolerance are being drowned out in large part by a small but vocal and well-funded minority that are using faith in America to create a divisive and polarizing atmosphere of exclusion." The Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D., co-president of CrossWalk America, and senior pastor of Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ.
 [ 04.18.06 ]

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Good for you, Rev.Eric Elnes and Rebecca Glenn. Though I am not a Christian I detest fundamentalism in all its forms and wish you well in educating Americans of the harm this move to political action is doing to the country by an organized movement poised to destroy the Founding Father's wisdom in keeping politics and religion separate.



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