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.: June 2006 --> Guatanamo tactics were apparently derived from SERE training

Guatanamo tactics were apparently derived from SERE training

» An Army document proves that Guantánamo interrogators were taught by instructors from a military school that trains U.S. soldiers how to resist torture. The most enlightening part of this article is the description of mock prison camps in the "Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape" (SERE) school, from a retired Army Ranger who passed the course in 1994. American soldiers are subjected to a variety of abuses in an attempt to prepare them for possible capture by the enemy.

In addition to sexual humiliation, psychological duress is a big part of the program and comes in a variety of flavors, including an overall assault on a soldier's values. Mock interrogators desecrated an American flag, stepped on a copy of the Constitution, and "kicked the Bible around," the Ranger said -- an echo of the abuse of the Koran alleged at Guantánamo. Soldiers were ridiculed for their lack of knowledge of the Constitution and U.S. history. "They begin to preach propaganda and attack your institutional base," the Ranger said. "Everything about SERE school is a mind f***."

We imagined a most terrible enemy, then, in a time of great fear, modeled ourselves on that creature. It's almost literary in its tragedy.

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...then, in a time of great fear, modeled ourselves on that creature. It's almost literary in its tragedy. Read More


Of course, the irony is that these tactics don't really work. At least, in terms of actually extracting useable information.

Would that be irony, or deep sadness?

Of course the tactics work. Dont be ridiculous. Also, there is nothing new about us using torture ---- don't act like we've become something we have not been all along.
(BTW, I don't support torture, but for other reasons)
Read Naomi.

Rebecca -- I still stick with irony since I would be sad if we resorted to something that was immoral but effective. But the irony is that it's immoral and ineffective, so why commit the immoral act?

meBigGuy -- I'm not arguing that we've never tortured before (but thanks for that link). As to your other argument, that "of course" torture works, what's your evidence?

I'd suggest reading the following from:

Marine Corps Interrogator Translator Teams Association:

The CIA:

Unfortunately the standard text from Major Moran, the WWII interrogator, isn't linkable at the moment, but you can read some excerpts from the link in my first comment.



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